Investment Protection

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Planar® ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) is proprietary protection technology for best-in-class Planar display products deployed in high-traffic and interactive environments that extends durability and adds peace of mind. It is available in three unique variations to suit the individual needs of different display technologies. Planar ERO protects display solutions from things like casual contact, front impact, edge impact, liquids, dust, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and humidity.


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Planar® ERO-LED™

Expert LED technicians apply this proprietary material in the tiny gaps between LEDs, at the module level and below the LED surface, solidifying them and simplifying service. Displays with Planar ERO-LED have non-reflective matte finishes and are virtually indistinguishable from untreated LED displays.

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Planar® ERO-LCD™

This proprietary process involves optical bonding or laminating cover glass to the front surface of the LCD video wall or large format LCD display with a bonding agent that completely fills the air gap. Planar ERO-LCD also improves perceived contrast by more than 300% and reduces parallax error.

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Planar® ERO-OLED™

This process bonds protective glass to the front surface of the Planar LookThru Transparent OLED Display. Like the process with Planar ERO-LCD, a bonding agent is inserted between the cover glass and the OLED display panel, then cured in a process that affixes the stack together while solidifying the bonding agent.

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Tougher Touch

Interactive display solutions are increasingly common in classrooms, meeting rooms, retail and public spaces. Adding Planar ERO technology ensures touch screens won't succumb to constant interaction from people—with varying levels of gentleness—who use them for learning, collaborating or shopping.

Planar ERO Products

LED Category TVF 544X348psd Image

Planar TVF Series

Proven indoor solution with excellent image quality, stackable design and a lifetime warranty

LED Video Wall
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LED Category DLX 544X348 Image

Planar DirectLight X Series

Premium indoor solution with advanced processing, off-board electronics and superior images

LED Video Wall
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Planar TWA Series

Slim indoor flat panel solution with rear service, 16:9 aspect ratio, and high resolution and contrast

LED Video Wall
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Clarity Matrix G3

Mission-critical, ultra-narrow bezel displays with an off-board video controller and powerful processing

LCD Video Wall
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Planar UltraRes X Series

Premium HDR solution with superior color, multi-source viewing and advanced processing

Large Format LCD Displays
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Planar UltraRes P Series

Multi-source viewing solution with 24x7 reliability, remote monitoring, alerts and optional touch

Large Format LCD Displays
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Large Format Category QE 544X348 Image

Planar QE Series

Multi-source viewing solution with remote monitoring, alerts, 24x7 reliability and optional touch

Large Format LCD Displays
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Planar LookThru

Tiled or stand-alone see-through solution with frameless design and configuration flexibility

Transparent OLED Displays
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