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Virtual Production (VP) and Extended Reality (XR) are reimagining the methods of storytelling and content creation across a growing number of industries, from film and entertainment to corporate, education and more. Through advancements in LED display and motion capture technology, VP and XR empowers the world’s leading visual storytellers to deliver deeply immersive experiences that engage audiences like never before. Through the Planar Studios initiative, Planar delivers the advanced technologies, industry partnerships and personnel today’s VP and XR customers demand in this revolutionary market.

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Revolutionizing this Emerging Industry

Planar Studios was developed to accelerate VP and XR capabilities and make these solutions more accessible, streamlined and repeatable. The initiative is rooted in Planar’s well-established history of leadership supporting major broadcast networks. Expertise in on-camera LED displays for live broadcasting translates directly to the demands of live LED wall in-camera VP and XR, positioning Planar Studios to further revolutionize this emerging industry. Planar Studios integrates the products, partnerships and people that customers need to create realistic, on-screen content in today’s VP and XR settings—whether it’s a remote broadcast location or a world of science fiction.

Planar Studios Solutions

Planar Venue Pro VX Series

Quick-setup indoor solution with exceptional on-camera visual properties

Available Pixel Pitches: 1.9, 2.5
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Planar CarbonLight VX Series

Versatile carbon fiber-framed indoor solution with exceptional on-camera visual properties

Available Pixel Pitches: 1.9, 2.6
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Planar CarbonLight CLF VX Series

High-strength carbon fiber indoor LED flooring with exceptional on-camera visual properties

Available Pixel Pitch: 2.6
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OptiTrack Motion Capture

Ultra precise camera tracking for next-gen filmmaking

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Industry Awards

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LED Displays for Cameras

As the market leader in fine pitch LED display technology, Planar’s next-generation LED video walls are the cornerstone of Planar Studios’ capabilities in serving the VP and XR markets. With marquee projects around the globe—including LED installations for VP and XR studios—Planar’s award-winning LED product lines deliver the stunning image performance, flexibility and visual performance demanded by the VP and XR studios.

To meet the on-camera requirements of VP and XR, customers can choose from an array of Planar LED products that excel in on-camera performance, including the Planar® CarbonLight™ VX Series and Planar® Venue™ Pro VX Series. Planar works closely with industry professionals to tune and evolve effective on-camera LED technologies that help visionaries in VP and XR extend the boundaries of what they can create.

Volumes Featuring Planar Studio Solutions

The Making of Goliath

Planar LED videowalls, like those at Orbital Virtual Studios used to create the groundbreaking short Goliath, have changed cinematic virtual productions immensely, offering cost savings and more true-to-life lighting and acting performances.

Planar Virtual Production Car Process

Planar recently demonstrated a virtual production car process showing how LED video walls, like the Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series in this case, are changing how vehicle scenes are filmed.

Haley Reinhart at Orbital Studios

Recording artist Haley Reinhart filmed her music video and short film for "Off the Ground" at Orbital Virtual Studios using an LED volume consisting of a 30' x 10' Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series Video Wall. Listen as she describes the Virtual Production recording experience.

Inside Look: Location vs. LED

Go behind the scenes with the makers of Snowfall on FX Networks and learn how they teamed with Orbital Virtual Studios to use a 65' Planar LED video wall and Virtual Production to avoid green screen, reduce on-location shooting and revolutionize sets.

Making Small the New Big

Watch and listen as actor Terry Crews describes how his new, smaller Virtual Production studio, featuring Planar LED video walls, enables artistic people to create full-fledged productions without the huge, multi-million dollar studios and budgets of big production companies.

XR In Action at InfoComm

Planar set up a fully functional XR stage at InfoComm 2022 to virtually transport the audience to our manufacturing facilities. Join technical marketing manager Jeremy Sternhagen as he showcases the stage and how it uses LED video walls and flooring, motion capture tracking and game engine technology in tandem to create a more realistic virtual experience.

Collaborative Partnerships

Planar Studios is aligned with top creative and technical experts in VP and XR specializing in areas that include motion tracking, digital production and imaginative visual storytelling. These collaborative partnerships strengthen Planar’s ability to produce the most vivid and true-to-life digital environments for VP and XR projects, including motion capture systems from Planar’s sister company, OptiTrack.