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In the digital age, sports venues are the pinnacle for the biggest and boldest integrations of visual technology that create an exhilarating atmosphere for sports entertainment, driving excitement and electrifying crowds. State-of-the-art display technologies—and particularly LED—are fast becoming an integral part of the gameday experience, providing a dynamic platform for spectacular imagery, live action and immersive content.

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Milan Puskar Center at West Virginia University

Morgantown, West Virginia

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Eye-catching LED solutions integrated throughout arenas engage audiences and create new opportunities to generate revenue through high-value sponsorship placements. From impactful scoreboards to vibrant ribbon displays and dramatic video walls, leading-edge display technologies are transforming the fan experience and helping shape the architectural identify of the modern sports venue.

Leading the way, Planar has forged a strategic partnership with Lighthouse Technologies LTD, merging the strengths of two leading display solution providers to serve the sports and entertainment market. The alliance combines Planar’s global leadership in high resolution display technology with Lighthouse’s expertise in customized LED solutions for the sports market—offering stadiums a display technology experience like never before.

Sports & Entertainment Display Applications

Dynamic Scoreboards

The scoreboard is the visual centerpiece in any sports venue and fundamental to both the entertainment and informational aspects of the game. Dynamic LED scoreboard applications including end boards and center-hung installations deliver high resolution live action, vivid replays and the real-time data and game statistics that fans have come to expect.

Scoreboards designed with the latest in LED technology offer exceptional brightness, razor-sharp imagery and provide a creative platform for customized digital sponsorships and promotions. Versatile, multi-functional LED scoreboard displays maximize opportunities to integrate corporate partners into the game experience—driving fan engagement and brand exposure.

Media Columns & Expansive Video Walls

Dramatic LED media columns and large LED video walls—including portrait-orientated applications—heighten the fan experience in the stadium with breathtaking imagery and stunning content. Display technologies featuring ultra-high brightness, wide viewing angles and mounted at elevated vantage points provide optimal visibility to spectators. Stadiums are also turning blank surfaces—such as those on support structures or elevator shaft exteriors—into unique installations that drive interest and excitement. Cutting-edge, modular LED solutions engineered with lightweight and flexible materials can be adapted into complex designs for corner-beveled, curved or column wrap installations.

Concourse Digital Signage

Display technologies deployed in a stadium’s concourse provide wayfinding and engage fans before they get to their seats. Commercial grade digital displays broadcasting the game in concession areas ensure fans won’t miss a play and contribute to higher concession sales. From high impact LED and LCD video walls to interactive touch solutions, venues have a wide range of options to meet their concourse digital signage needs.

Fascia and Banners

LED fascia and banner displays as well as curved LED ribbon boards engage fans and provide additional revenue opportunities for advertisers and sponsors. Leading-edge LED display applications feature superior image quality, ultra-high brightness, wide viewing angles and the durability to perform in harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor Digital Billboards

The fan experience can begin before visitors enter the venue or arena. Outdoor digital billboards can be deployed to greet, engage and inform fans in transit at stadium entrances or in parking lots. Display solutions designed for performance in outdoor environments feature durable construction, ultra-high brightness, wide viewing angles and a range of pixel pitch options for any viewing distance.

Sports & Entertainment Display Solutions

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