Digital displays have changed the face of everything from business, government and education to entertainment, transportation and worship. No matter what they’re used for, award-winning Planar LED and LCD video walls, large format LCD displays and transparent OLED displays enrich and inform, with beautiful visual performance that ensures messages come across clearly.

Planar has the longtime experience, expertise, flexibility and customer focus to provide innovative products and services for nearly every application.

Vertical Markets

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Vivid and dynamic display solutions are vital technologies for improving the viewer experience. By reinforcing broadcasts with striking imagery and engaging viewers through interactive content, stories are brought to life.

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Control Rooms

Versatile, ultra-high resolution video walls and large format displays are a key component of a control room's technology platform, providing sharp visibility of data and the flexibility to display it in the most effective way.

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Digital Art

Immersive display technology are vibrant canvases for boundless artistic expression through digital art. Whether it’s curated video artwork, NFTs, a digital mural or an interactive video art installation powered by motion-responsive technology.

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Digital Signage

Vibrant digital signage offers a compelling alternative to traditional static solutions, making messages more impactful and bringing stories and creative content to life, creating dynamic digital experiences.

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Display solutions from LED and LCD video walls to interactive installations are especially well suited to academic environments—today’s students have grown up in a technological world and are well accustomed to these tools.

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Display solutions play a key role in transforming workplaces in the broader healthcare industry. A vibrant display canvas also gives healthcare practitioners a unique way to express their mission and values.

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Hospitality businesses need amenities that draw visitors. Large video walls or display arrays create ambiance for sports bars, hotels, restaurants and similar venues, making for incredible viewing and ample opportunities for entertainment and events.

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House of Worship

From digital signage to live video feeds, effective display technology in a place of worship can enhance the experience for parishioners, fostering participation and building a stronger network among the congregation.

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Luxury Living

From cinema content to motion-based digital art, professional-grade, fine pixel pitch LED video walls and 4K large format LCD displays enrich distinctive spaces with vibrant, high-resolution canvases for creative expression and entertainment.

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To meet visitor expectations, museums of all kinds are embracing display technologies which are reimagining the museum experience and providing curators with creative new approaches for engaging audiences.

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Public Safety

The demand for advanced technologies to address emergencies and criminal activities is on the rise. At the forefront of this evolution are control rooms and command centers, which serve as central hubs for monitoring and coordinating responses.

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Rental & Staging

Impactful events demand excellent visual experiences that help to inform and inspire the crowd. Displays must not only look great, but be built to hold up to the rigors of life on the road and features for fast setup and tear down.

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Digital display technologies are quickly reshaping the retail experience at every point in the shopping journey, from enticing customers with striking product visuals at the entrance to engaging them with immersive marketing content.

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Sports & Entertainment

Sports and entertainment venues are the pinnacle for the biggest and boldest visual technology integrations that create an exhilarating, unforgettable atmosphere, drive excitement and electrify crowds.

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Airports, train stations and other transportation hubs need to keep pace with the digital world and meet the growing expectations of today’s passengers. Display technology is at the center of this revitalization and adds value to facilities.

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From Control Rooms to Briefing Rooms to Hero Walls, Planar, commercial-grade, mission-critical, 24x7, LED and LCD display solutions deliver the demanding reliability and superior visual performance required by Government applications.

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US Federal Government

Thousands of Federal Government installations choose Planar LED and LCD video walls and large format displays because of our displays' superior visual performance and our commitment to security, TAA compliance and 24x7 reliability.

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US State & Local Government

Planar has been delivering display solutions to the US Government since the company’s inception in 1983, delivering display technology to help states and local municipalities manage and deliver essential services to the communities they serve.

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Virtual Production

Advances in LED display technology helps visual storytellers deliver deeply immersive experiences that engage audiences through VP and XR. LED displays shorten post production and reduce green screen, travel and more.

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Displays are critical in every workplace from the traditional conference room to wayfinding and employee signage. The right LED or LCD displays can help make remote employees more present and keep in-person staff engaged and inspired.