Make a Meaningful Difference

Healthcare facilities of all kinds—including hospitals, clinics, wellness centers and more—can better engage visitors and improve the patient experience with display technology. But it’s not only on the patient side where an impact can be made. Display solutions play a key role in transforming workplaces in the broader healthcare industry. A vibrant display canvas also gives healthcare practitioners a unique way to express their mission and values.

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Improve Communications

Patients and their families deserve every opportunity to feel reassured during visits. Large format displays and video walls invigorate health facility lobbies and help alleviate patient anxiety by creating a more engaging atmosphere. Interactive display solutions immerse visitors in wellness education and offer a powerful medium for inspiring patients through storytelling.

Healthcare groups can use digital signage as a media platform to communicate with patients, share information and build awareness around their area of expertise. Digital staff profiles establish personalized connections among patients, fostering trust.

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Designed for
Integration & Reliability

Visual displays—a core feature of the modern digital workplace—improve communications and boost productivity in healthcare office settings. In the field of medical research, interactive displays and video walls drive collaboration and data sharing, encouraging a team approach to scientific learning and application.

Video walls and media displays with ultra-slim profiles are designed for seamless integration with health facility interiors, enhancing aesthetic appeal. Leading solutions incorporating protective coating technologies and redundant electronics provide long-term durability and failsafe operation in hospitals, medical offices and healthcare clinics.

Healthcare Applications

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Communications &

Displays and digital information boards—deployed in waiting rooms, entrance areas and hallways—provide a real-time channel to make announcements, relay health messages or keep patients abreast of wellness programs and upcoming events. As wayfinding tools, video displays help visitors locate services, and navigate hospitals and medical campuses.

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Lobbies &
Reception Areas

Support patient well-being and foster a sense of comfort in lobbies and reception areas with animated video walls and interactive touch installations. Displays designed as media walls provide a digital canvas to recognize donors or highlight salient information about programs, treatment services, facilities and research. Celebrate success stories, breakthrough discoveries and medical advancements through meaningful content curation.

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Workspaces &
Command Centers

Visual technologies are changing the way work and research are done in the healthcare field. From video walls and large format displays in boardrooms and conference areas to durable desktop monitors for administrative workstations, digital displays provide health groups and corporate healthcare entities with tools to work more successfully. Medical research institutes that embrace video walls and interactive technology can create a foundation for collaboration-driven research, propelling innovation and progress.