To meet visitor expectations in a rapidly changing digital world, museums of all kinds are embracing display technologies which are reimagining the museum experience and providing curators with creative new approaches for engaging audiences in thoughtful and exciting ways.

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Empire State Building Observatory Intall Image 768X513 Image

Empire State Building Observatory

New York, New York

Immersive Technology for Memorable Museum Experiences

Create a Showcase Attraction

Museums offer the ideal environment for impressive, large-scale installations that draw attention, captivate visitors and create unique learning experiences. Video display canvases and expansive interactive media walls provide a compelling platform for dynamic simulations and presentations that absorb audiences and activate the senses.

Inspire Engagement and Imagination

In museum spaces, immersive display solutions take visitors on journeys exploring worlds of science, art, history and culture, inspiring imagination and discovery. Displays featuring adaptable designs seamlessly blend with physical and scenic elements to craft deeply engaging exhibits that bring concepts to life.

GRAMMY Museum Mississippi Intall Image 768X513 Image

GRAMMY Museum Mississippi

Cleveland, Mississippi

Interactive Tools for Storytelling

Storytelling is a key part of the museum experience that can be enhanced with digital interactive tools, which empower visitors to engage with narratives on deeper levels. Touch screen displays and multi-touch video walls encourage more active participation with exhibits, forging stronger cognitive and emotional connections.

Built for Demanding Public Spaces

To meet the demands of public museum venues, video walls and displays require designs that protect equipment and ensure performance reliability over long time periods. Proprietary coating LCD and LED technologies—such as Planar® ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) deliver durability in high-traffic environments. Solutions with off-boards electronics and built-in redundancies guarantee uninterrupted operation and minimal downtime.

Museum Applications

Welcome Walls

Large video walls welcome guests and set the tone for wonder and exploration while also providing guidance on how to optimize the museum experience. Stunning LED and interactive video wall technologies offer educational value and make information more tangible, enhancing presentations and lectures.


Steady circulation through the museum space ensures a harmonious experience for all, and helps guests get where they’re going so they can linger longer. Bright, commercial grade displays with dynamic yet easily understood text and images support navigational flow while also highlighting key exhibitions, special tours and events.

Menu Boards

LED menu boards and interactive ticketing kiosks are the new nuts-and-bolts of the museum-going experience, helping usher guests into an organized journey right from the start. Vibrant LED menu boards illuminate all essential admissions information. Interactive ticketing kiosks enable more efficient processing and shorten wait times. Options with modern designs and thin profiles compliment any museum’s architectural ambience while providing a vital function.

Planar Lookthru Product Image 636X358 Image

Planar LookThru

Transparent OLED Display

The Planar® LookThru™ Transparent OLED Display makes it possible to create truly see-through installations with a virtually frameless glass design that delivers all the benefits of digital signage while allowing viewers to see products or environments behind the display. The 55" Full HD resolution display is ideal for a wide range of applications including retail, hospitality, workplaces, museums and tradeshow exhibits.

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