Public Safety

When Safety Matters

As the urgency for public safety increases, governments and municipal agencies are increasingly adopting a broad array of tools to enhance their preparedness and strengthen their response capabilities to emergencies, disasters, and incidents of all kinds including criminal activities. At the heart of this trend, control rooms and command centers are essential operations. These specialized hubs centralize key technologies to better safeguard communities, protect populations and maintain the security of critical infrastructure.

In the evolving landscape of public safety, control room facilities range from emergency operations centers and security operations centers to network operations centers, dispatch for 911 and more. By integrating leading display technologies with software applications and real-time data sources, agencies can more effectively monitor situations and coordinate resources.

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The Key Role of Video Wall Technologies

In public safety control rooms—whether it’s a security ops center, an advanced planning command center or SOC IT security—high-resolution video walls designed for 24x7 use are essential to the success of the operation. As focal points for aggregating content, these technologies serve a key role by optimizing the visibility data, providing operators with a comprehensive view of a service territory and improving their situational awareness.

The mission-critical nature of control room operations demands that personnel quickly process information and act on it divisively. Leading video displays with customizable layouts ensure that images, maps, data and live video feeds are optimally presented to enhance decision-making, especially during rapidly evolving scenarios.

Public Safety Lunch & Learn Educational Series 2024

Critical Incident Response Centers shoulder a tremendous load in helping keep our communities safe. Join us for a lunch and learn event about strategies and technologies designed to enhance command and control operations centers.

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Mission-Critical Expertise

Planar’s value proposition for public safety control room facilities is built on 40 years of knowledge and expertise as a solution provider for mission-critical applications. This experience is evident in the consultative approach we take with clients and in our display technologies, purpose-designed for always-on reliability. Featuring redundant power supplies, Planar video wall systems guarantee failsafe and continuous operations.

Planar has forged strategic partnerships in the mission-critical sector and assembled a dedicated internal team of subject matter experts. Additionally, we’ve deployed local resources throughout the U.S. in every market. This approach ensures that your project receives the specialized knowledge and attention it deserves. Through a rigorous design process, we collaboratively closely with you to develop a solution tailored to your unique needs.

Public Safety Applications

US and Canada Government Deal Registration Program

Register your project for pricing protection and to be eligible for the 5-year Planar US and Canada Government Warranty Program that optimizes your investment, minimizes downtime and reduces uncertainty.

Solutions for Public Safety

Planar DirectLight Pro Series

Bright premium indoor solution with high bandwidth and broad controller compatibility

Available Pixel Pitches: 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8
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Planar MGP Series

Entry-level, high resolution indoor LED solution with front-access and video ready 16:9 aspect ratio

Available Pixel Pitches: 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.5
View Product

Clarity Matrix G3

Mission-critical, ultra-narrow bezel LCD displays with an off-board video controller and powerful processing

Available Display Size: 55"
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Planar UltraRes X Series

Premium 4K LCD solution with advanced processing, multi-source viewing and optional touch

Available Display Sizes: 75", 85", 100"
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