Global Showrooms

Planar has Showrooms around the world where you can experience our display solutions firsthand. Contact your local Planar Showroom to schedule a tour with a local team of experts who can help you find the best display solution for your project.

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Find a studio showroom near you to experience Planar display technology firsthand.

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North America Showrooms

Portland Cityscape Highlight 706X530 Image

Hillsboro, Oregon

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Seattle 720X480 Image

Seattle, Washington

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Northern California Showroom Card 720X480 Image

Alameda, California

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Irvine Skyline

Newport Beach, California

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denver-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

Denver, Colorado

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houston-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

Houston, Texas

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chicago-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

Chicago, Illinois

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Cleveland 644X488 Image

Cleveland, Ohio

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Philadelphia Skyline 720X480 Image

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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new-york-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

New York, New York

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Providence Rhode Island Showroom Card 720X480 Image

Providence, Rhode Island

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washington-dc-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

Washington, DC

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Atlanta Skyline 720X480 Image

Atlanta, Georgia

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Charlotte Skyline 720X480 Image

Charlotte, North Carolina

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Tampa Skyline 720X480 Image

Tampa, Florida

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south-florida-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

Dania Beach, Florida

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Calgary Showroom Card 720X480 Image

Calgary, Alberta

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toronto-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

Toronto, Ontario

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Europe Showrooms

shutterstock_1086452765 (2).jpg Image

Reutlingen, Germany
Hundsschleestrasse 23
D-72766 Reutlingen, Germany
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presov-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

Prešov, Slovakia
Priemyselný park Záborské 519
08253 Záborské, Slovakia
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London Showroom 720X480 Image

London, United Kingdom
21 Whitefriars Street, 5th Floor
EC4Y 8JJ London, United Kingdom
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paris-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

Paris, France
147 Avenue Paul Doumer
92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France
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rome-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

Rome, Italy
Via degli Olmetti, 46
00060 Formello (RM), Italy
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South America Showrooms

sao-paulo-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

São Paulo, Brazil
Av. Dr. Chucri Zaidan
1.550 - CJ1214/1215
Vila São Francisco (Zona Sul)
São Paulo/SP, Brazil
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Middle East and Asia Showrooms

Singapore Cityscape 720X480 Image

33 Ubi Avenue 3
#01-02 Vertex
Singapore 408868
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dubai-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

Dubai, UAE
Building 4, Office 112
Dubai Media City, UAE
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tokyo-skyline_720x480.jpg Image

Tokyo, Japan
Barbizon8 8F
2-1-8, Sendagaya
Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
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