It’s time to find something new at the office. Reinvention is happening on a global scale, and as the hybrid workplace continues its rapid evolution, preparation for the future is all about continually updating for the present.

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Amazon Understory at The Spheres

Seattle, Washington

Expanding the Connected Workplace

Enterprises of many scales and sizes are reimagining the ways we connect and engage with one another — in real-time in the same space, asynchronously with rich media content across distance, and through a seemingly infinite and highly flexible blend of communication and collaboration methods.

Embrace the possibility. Make the workplace more compelling by exploring vibrant new modes of visual communication. Reinvigorate remote connections with a more immersive experience. And tell the stories of your brand through a workplace designed to make an impression and cultivate inspiration.

Workplace Applications

Branding & Visitor Experience

Branding & Visitor Experience

Collaboration & Visualization

Collaboration & Visualization

Multi-Use Spaces

Multi-Use Spaces

Presentation Areas

Presentation Areas

Virtual Broadcasting & Production

Virtual Broadcasting & Production

Security Operations Rooms

Security Operations Rooms

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Multi-National Technology Company

Washington, D.C.

Visualizing Flexibility

With a new awareness of how to work together while kept apart, it’s time to contemplate what we miss about collaborating in person. Energizing exchanges are more likely to happen when the senses are fully engaged. As the hybrid workplace evolves, trips to the office will be motivated by the use of specialized interactive visualization tools and other creativity-inspiring multi-sensory experiences that can’t be found at home.

Providing room for spontaneous interactions can generate revelatory ideas, both in the physical workplace environment and also on collaborative visualization surfaces. More screen real estate can prompt inspiring connections between data, content and people.

Confined to tiny video screens for too long, it can be hard to think outside the box. More free-flowing conversations occur when you can bring remote participants into the room on a more human scale, possibly on large screens arrayed as an extension of the space, so they can be a real part of the conversation.

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University of Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

Expanded Communications

Higher expectations come with experience. Now that everyone has become a broadcaster, audiences of all types are more discerning, even when it comes to corporate communications. It will take a lot more polish to distinguish messaging and accurately represent a brand. To create professional-level content, workplace presentation spaces are evolving into video production studios.

Go beyond the limitations of a virtual background and opt for the large-scale visualization and scenic display technologies relied upon by television networks. Virtual production is also on the rise as more corporations adopt the flexibility and efficiency of full-scale immersive in-house LED video wall broadcast sets

Protect your messaging with the same technology that Planar implements in command and control centers, where security and encryption are essential. And protect your investment with Planar’s U.S. manufacturing and support operations.

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Reston, Virginia

Inspiring Office Concepts

Don’t let your ideas be confined to rectangles. Envision a workspace where the walls move with innovation. Video is expanding into an architectural medium, enlivening environments with customized, large-scale, fluid atmospheric elements.

Used for storytelling, brand engagement, and team building, these mega-scaled video surfaces can be tailored to fit any application, taking collaborative video beyond confined meeting rooms and expanding them outward — even outdoors, using the same weatherproof and high-brightness Planar displays that captivate fans in stadiums.

The new workplace is boundless, connecting teams in expansive new collaborative environments that make the hybrid experience more human. Already present in the office globally with the most familiar names in enterprise and collaboration spaces, and working with a technology roadmap that incorporates expertise from robust applications across many fields, Planar is ready to enable the enterprise shift to a new workplace.


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