Expanding the Connected Workplace

Enterprises of many scales and sizes are reimagining the ways we connect and engage with one another — in real-time in the same space, asynchronously with rich media content across distance, and through a seemingly infinite and highly flexible blend of communication and collaboration methods. Embrace the possibility. Make the workplace more compelling by exploring vibrant new modes of visual communication. Reinvigorate remote connections with a more immersive experience. And tell the stories of your brand through a workplace designed to make an impression and cultivate inspiration.

Inspiring Office Concepts

Don’t let your ideas be confined to rectangles. Envision a workspace where the walls move with innovation. Video is expanding into an architectural medium, enlivening environments with customized, large-scale, fluid atmospheric elements. Used for storytelling, brand engagement, and team building, these mega-scaled video surfaces can be tailored to fit any application, taking collaborative video beyond confined meeting rooms and expanding them outward — even outdoors, using the same weatherproof and high-brightness Planar displays that captivate fans in stadiums.

The new workplace is boundless, connecting teams in expansive new collaborative environments that make the hybrid experience more human. 

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Visualizing Flexibility

With a new awareness of how to work together while kept apart, it’s time to contemplate what we miss about collaborating in person. Energizing exchanges are more likely to happen when the senses are fully engaged. As the hybrid workplace evolves, trips to the office will be motivated by the use of specialized interactive visualization tools and other creativity-inspiring multi-sensory experiences that can’t be found at home.

Providing room for spontaneous interactions can generate revelatory ideas, both in the physical workplace environment and also on collaborative visualization surfaces. More screen real estate can prompt inspiring connections between data, content and people.

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Solution Spotlight

Planar UC Complete

Planar® UC Complete™ pre-packaged fine pixel pitch LED video walls are ideally sized with 21:9 or 32:9 aspect ratios to suit the most popular unified communications and video collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams®, for comfortable viewing from as close as 5 feet.

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Workplace Applications

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Branding & Visitor Experience

With the tempo of a mobile device delivering new notifications, the flexibility of digital media is transforming the look and feel of the office. Architecture is no longer static. Surfaces have been enlivened with exciting new visualization layers. What was once a wall is now an animated canvas that can reflect mood, messaging and data in dynamic new ways that drive and energize team members.

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Multi-Use Spaces

Most offices have an “everything” area that somehow expands and contracts to accommodate formal town halls, company-wide strategy meetings with break-out rooms, daily check-ins, as well as more festive informational gatherings and celebrations. With each new use, technology becomes a more essential part of the picture. First to arrive are the big screens, then add enhanced connections for streamlined collaboration, and all along the way, flexibility is key.

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Presentation Areas

Reinvention in real-time began as a challenge, and then it became a skill. When a global pandemic changed the way we meet and communicate, the mark of an agile organization was revealed in the ability to deliver consistent, polished messages in the midst of swiftly shifting new realities. Challenging circumstances are better met with a presentation infrastructure that can create a sense of calm, both for speakers and the audience. Whether it’s an in-house discussion or a global update, confidence shines through vibrant visualization technologies.

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Collaboration & Visualization

There are plenty of ways to make meetings work. But couldn’t they work better? We’ve all been overexposed to makeshift methods for collaborating remotely. Now, with the proverbial whiteboard wiped clean, it’s time to boost the technology experience and connect better.

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Security Operations Rooms

As corporations extend operations far beyond headquarters, the technology systems that support remote connections have conversely become more centralized. Monitoring and securing physical premises as well as back-end IT infrastructure is a vital aspect of enterprise functions, requiring complex in-house security operations rooms.

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Virtual & XR Studios

With remote collaboration an increasingly essential aspect of everyday workflow, and preparation for extenuating circumstances a necessity, it has become vital for enterprises to invest in new ways to deliver top-level communications from their own facilities. High quality content creation is a must for organizations seeking to deliver consistent, effective messaging.

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