Transform the Shopping Journey

Digital display technologies are quickly reshaping the retail experience at every point in the shopping journey, from enticing customers with striking product visuals at the entrance to engaging them with immersive marketing content and helpful information at key moments throughout the store.

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Create Compelling Environments

Eye-catching LED video walls deployed as window displays or outdoor signage allow retailers to feature merchandise in lively and exquisite detail—generating excitement among shoppers and driving traffic into the store. Vivid imagery of fashion and style on a big LED or LCD video wall canvas makes for a larger-than-life brand experience, boosting storefront allure.

Today’s consumers want shopping experiences that are interesting, educational and entertaining. In-store displays create vibrant visual merchandising and provide a tool to engage shoppers with product reviews, real-time promotions or the story behind a product—forging brand awareness and stronger personal connections.

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A Powerful
Marketing Platform

Cutting-edge display technology enhances the visibility of key merchandise and allows retailers to manage advertising content in real-time. With an agile display solution, marketing managers can launch digital campaigns with the click of a mouse and dynamically integrate messages and promotions with the in-store experience.

Modern and artistic LED and LCD displays with ultra-thin profiles compliment the interior aesthetic of retail spaces, creating visual appeal and a more refined look. In addition to looking good, leading-edge displays incorporating protective coating technologies and mission-critical designs offer durability and reliable performance in active retail settings.

Retail Applications

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In-Store Advertising & Messaging

Design an immersive retail environment that’s as savvy and dynamic as the consumer. In-store displays present a sophisticated option for promoting brands, highlighting product features and inspiring consumer choices.

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Storefront Signage

Grab attention and make a strong first impression on shoppers with stunning LED window, outdoor and entryway displays. Bright and colorful storefront signage featuring dazzling product photography and video pique the curiosity of customers, inviting them to browse more inside.

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Busy retail environments are better navigated with high-visibility directional signage. Bright and crisp wayfinding displays provide shoppers with the information they need to find what they want, allowing them to explore with confidence and ease.

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Solution Spotlight

Planar LookThru Transparent OLED Display

The Planar® LookThru™ Transparent OLED Display makes it possible to create truly see-through installations with a virtually frameless glass design that delivers all the benefits of digital signage while allowing viewers to see products or environments behind the display. The 55" Full HD resolution display is ideal for a wide range of applications including retail, hospitality, workplaces, museums and tradeshow exhibits.

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