Make Your Guest Experience Extraordinary

From hotels and casinos to restaurants, sports bars and attractions, the hospitality industry is increasingly focused on improving the guest experience to foster customer loyalty and long-term success. Leading-edge display technologies are an integral strategy for meeting today’s consumer expectations in the hospitality space—delivering vivid content that engages, informs and entertains.

Elevating Guest Experiences with Planar Video Walls

Museums, visitor‘s centers, casinos and other attractions that cater to tourists and return visitors need modern, enticing visual experiences that keep guests engaged and coming back time and time again.

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Create Ambiance and Interest

To stay relevant, businesses across the hospitality sector need amenities that draw visitors. Large and impressive video walls are feature attractions in sports bars, restaurants and similar venues, making for incredible sports viewing and creating opportunities for entertainment and events.

As design elements, unique display arrays of any share or size can be architecturally integrated with hospitality spaces to create a unique sense of ambiance and visual appeal. In hotel lobbies, lounges, wineries and other environments, creative display solutions provide a seamless canvas for digital art, ultra-high resolution imagery and other forms of creative expression.

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Demanding Uses

A key part of improving the guest experience is to make it as seamless as possible. Digital technologies add value to hospitality-focused businesses by providing tools to engage guests and display helpful content like directional signage or listings of onsite amenities. Bright, ultra-high-resolution displays provide clear content that is exceedingly visible in busy environments.

Hospitality businesses need display solutions that are built for continuous use and able to withstand the rigors of high-traffic spaces. Industry-leading manufacturers offer proprietary coating technologies like Planar® ERO-LED™ and Planar ERO-LCD™ that protect display surfaces while also improving optical performance. 

Solution Spotlight

Planar UltraRes L Series

The Planar® UltraRes™ L Series 136", Full HD resolution all-in-one LED display combines the ease-of-use and best-in-class processing of the Planar UltraRes family with award-winning Planar fine pixel pitch LED technology for meeting rooms and classrooms. The display comes with a wall mount and can be quickly assembled with only two people. It features on-board processing, audio, power from only one 110V cable, native multi-point touch and multiple inputs to support simultaneous viewing of up to four content sources. Optional rolling floor stand is available.

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Hospitality Applications

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Tourism and recreational attractions like observatories, theme parks and wineries are embracing display technologies to attract guests and make their visits more meaningful. At observatories, vivid displays and video walls enhance guest communications and allow visitors to explore interactive content.

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To attract visitors, casinos are modernizing their properties and deploying video displays on gaming floors, in sports books, as well as in lobbies, bars, lounges and restaurants. Bright displays and attention-grabbing video walls stand out in active casino environments and provide solutions for digital signage, promotions, advertising and entertainment.

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Hotels offer numerous ways to integrate visual technologies for engaging guests and making their stays easier, memorable and more entertaining. In lobbies, a stunning and artistic LED canvas makes a dramatic visual statement and helps express a hotel’s brand. Durable displays in high visibility areas provide a platform for digital wayfinding, news updates or communicating useful information about services, local attractions and events.

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Quick Serve Restaurants

Quick serve restaurants are turning to digital menu boards for the benefits of convenience, flexibility and to improve the way they communicate with customers. Sharp and bright displays enhance the clarity of text—streamlining the ordering process and boosting sales. With a dynamic solution, restaurants can be nimbler and more efficient with selection and pricing changes while maintaining accuracy and consistency.

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In restaurants, visually impressive display solutions contribute to a more vibrant and exciting atmosphere. Custom LED displays can be designed as creative installations, providing a canvas for dynamic presentations of video art or nature-inspired scenery. In adjoining bar areas and outdoor venues, LED video walls help lure crowds while adding more flexibility to spaces.

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Sports Bars

Today’s fans expect the best when it comes to the viewing experience in sports bars. Large, fine pitch LED video walls and ultra-high-resolution LCD displays make for an immersive game watching environment—wowing sports lovers with imagery and action that is sharp, bold and colorful.