A Visually Reimagined Travel Experience

As the travel sector continues to expand, transportation hubs are fast evolving to keep pace with the digital world and meet the growing expectations of today’s passengers. At the center of this trend are major facility and technology renovations that aim to add value to transportation facilities and improve the passenger experience.

State-of-the-art digital display solutions play a vital role in creating dynamic venue environments that inform, engage and entertain travelers, connecting people to destinations and transforming the dreary wait into an enjoyable part of the journey.

Keeping Passengers Informed

The priority of rushed travelers is to find the information they need as soon as possible—whether it’s a departure time, an update on a delay or the right track or gate. Leading-edge display solutions offer visual performance, wide viewing angles, the reliability for around-the-clock operation and can be updated in real-time to communicate any important changes. Display technologies that are compatible with emergency broadcast systems can be set up to relay urgent messages or information in specific areas or throughout a venue.

Guiding The Way

A large, overcrowded transportation hub can be overwhelming to anxious travelers. Digital wayfinding helps passengers navigate busy terminals and unfamiliar layouts by guiding them to where they need to be. Vivid, ultra-high-resolution displays are easily noticed and provide crisp and vibrant directional signage—reducing passenger stress and the bottlenecks that create confusion in high-traffic areas.

Transportation Highlights

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Digital Signage For A Captive Audience

Transportation hubs offer a golden opportunity to reach large captive audiences and drive revenue. Striking display technologies provide more impact than static signage and can capture people’s attention in active environments—informing waiting passengers about anything from retail and restaurant options in the terminal to events and attractions in the local city.

Engaging Travelers Through Art and Entertainment

A key strategy of the modern transport hub is to minimize the anxiety of travel by fostering comfort and safety among passengers, turning extended periods of downtime into positive and enjoyable experiences. Entertainment helps travelers to relax before their journeys while art installations offer immersive experiences and bring a sense of interest, community and culture to a terminal.

Large format displays and video walls can be used to show sports, performances and other programming to entertain waiting passengers. Flexible, cutting-edge display technologies can be adapted into unique configurations and architecturally integrated with interior designs as digital art installations—engaging travelers in more thoughtful ways and leaving lasting impressions.


Planar Transportation Installations Overview

Display Applications in Transportation

Passenger Services

Digital displays deployed as flight information displays (FIDs), gate information displays (GIDs) and baggage information displays (BIDs) serve a critical role in busy terminals by providing passengers with the most up-to-date information in the places where they urgently need it. Durable, commercial-grade FIDs, GIDs and BIDs displays featuring high brightness, wide viewing angles and 24x7 reliability deliver lasting, mission-critical performance for demanding public terminal environments.

Digital Signage

As airports, train stations and other transport venues transition from static to digital signage, video walls, large format LCD displays, and other digital technologies are being integrated throughout facilities to reach passengers—both at the beginning and the end of their journeys.

Dynamic electronic displays engineered for continuous operation and the rigors of high-traffic public areas provide a range of uses including messaging, wayfinding, advertising, entertainment and architectural ambiance.


Vibrant display technologies help to optimize wayfinding in hectic transport hubs by providing crisp and clear directional guidance—improving passenger flow and contributing to a more efficient venue. Newer, touch screen wayfinding applications with interactivity enhance the passenger experience in terminals by allowing travelers to easily search and locate the information they need.


Eye-catching display technologies offer a compelling medium for advertising across transport venues by attracting the attention of passerby and engaging captive audiences, allowing facilities to maximize ad space opportunities at key locations.

Vivid, high-resolution displays designs convey more impact with ad messages—driving traffic to internal vendors and boosting revenue streams for local businesses.

Transportation Control Centers

Display solutions for today’s traffic control and monitoring operations require 24x7 reliability and the latest in high resolution and image processing technology to support decision making in these mission-critical environments.

Seamless video walls ensure that data and video sources are unobstructed whether used for video surveillance, traffic infrastructure monitoring or other control center applications.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

In 2018, Clear Channel Airports installed dozens of Planar LED and LCD displays, providing an impactful digital signage advertising network for one of the nation’s busiest airports.

Throughout Atlanta Airport’s main concourse in seven terminals, 68 Planar® TWA Series (TWA1.8) LED displays are mounted to the ceiling. A total of 43 Clarity® Matrix® LCD Video Walls System displays are wall-mounted in varying configurations, including 4x2, 3x2, 3x3 and 2x2.

Additionally, 34 …

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