Planar Venue Pro VX Series

LED Video Wall

Planar® Venue™ Pro VX Series indoor LED video wall displays have exceptional visual properties for in-camera virtual production and extended reality, and mechanical features to suit temporary (set up) applications and fixed installation. They feature narrow pixel pitches, high-performing scan and fast refresh, high brightness, a wide variety of frame rates and magnetically-attachable cabinets with quick locks.

  • 1.9, 2.5mm pixel pitch
  • Brompton or Colorlight control
  • Single-person handling
  • Hang, stack or wall mount

Product Highlights

Vx Camera Ready No Text 706X530 Image

Camera Ready

The high-performing scan and high refresh rates reduce in-camera artifacts. High brightness and wide frame rate compatibility enable slow motion filming and multiple ICVFX camera frustums.

Led Environment Hdr 706X530 Image

HDR Ready

Displays are ready for High Dynamic Range content, maximizing the image quality of each pixel for brighter whites, darker blacks and more true-to-life colors.

Wide Color Gamut Highlight 706X530 Image

Wide Color Gamut

Displays are designed to show a larger percentage of the visible color spectrum, rendering on-screen content with the hues and shades creators intended, for a more genuine viewing experience.

Vaila 2X2 Back Assembly 4K Web 706X530 Image

Solo Set-up

Magnetic points briefly hold the LED cabinet in place while a lone installer can secure the LED cabinet and finalize cabling. Handles, locking pins and an embedded quick-lock system also makes it easy and efficient to secure cabinets together.

Vaila Cabinet Back ISO 4K Web 706X530 Image

Compact Components

All electronics are contained in single compartment on the back of the cabinet. The electronics compartment is easily removable to quickly access and service all components.

Front Service Image

Front or Rear Service

When in use, the display's modular design offers full front or rear access to electronics, enabling more installation options and making any needed maintenance and service simpler.

Industry Awards

Venue Pro VX Award Tvtech 304X304 Image
Venue Pro VX Award 304X304 Image
Media Entertainment Best In Market Award Logo 2022 304X304 Image
Planar Studios

Combining LED solutions, technology partnerships and industry expertise, the Planar Studios initiative equips organizations with the tools necessary to create incredible on-screen content for Virtual Production and Extended Reality.