Planar ERO-LED

Protective Surface Technology for LED

Planar® ERO-LED™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology is a proprietary protective coating applied exclusively to best-in-class Planar® LED display products to deliver protection and durability in high-traffic environments at a reasonable cost.

Proprietary Formula & Process 

The Planar ERO-LED proprietary coating material is applied at the LED module (printed circuit board) level. This precision coating application process is conducted by experienced LED technicians to ensure outstanding quality and consistency. Applying the protective surface at the module level allows for individual module removal and replacement, rather than having to remove an entire LED cabinet within a video wall.

Increased Level of Protection

Adding Planar ERO-LED to LED video walls provides ruggedness and protection from casual contact, front impact, edge impact, liquids, dust, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and humidity. The protective coating allows users to deploy seamless LED video walls in more environments than ever before, including public spaces where casual contact with video walls may occur, as well as applications that encourage touch interaction with the video wall.

Improved Optical Performance

Visual properties on an LED video wall are enhanced when using protective Planar ERO-LED technology. At varying levels of ambient light, Planar ERO-LED delivers three times the contrast ratio compared to LED video walls without Planar ERO-LED. Planar ERO-LED also delivers smoother off-axis brightness drop and improved off-axis color uniformity.

Unlocking New LED Applications

Planar ERO-LED unlocks new applications for LED displays by enhancing the visual performance of an LED video wall. New applications include:

  • Public spaces that are commonly exposed to casual contact and where cleaning is desired
  • Private spaces that are commonly exposed to casual contact and where cleaning is desired
  • Touch interactive applications
  • High ambient light environments
  • Applications preferring a high-contrast, high-gloss look for video performance
  • Proprietary coating applied to protect and ruggedize Planar fine pitch LED display surfaces
  • Improves visual performance
  • Easy to install, service, clean and maintain
  • Enhances best-in-class Planar LED video wall solutions at a reasonable cost

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