Commercial-Grade LCD Displays

Planar Commercial-Grade LCD Displays vs. Consumer TVs feature subhead

Planar Commercial-Grade LCD Displays vs. Consumer TVs

Planar's commercial-grade large format LCD displays are designed for lasting durability and superior performance. With features required for professional applications, Planar LCD displays are much more than just televisions. 

Compare Planar's Full HD (1920 x 1080) and 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution commercial-grade large format LCD displays to commodity large screen televisions and you immediately see the advantages of going professional with Planar.

Planar LCDs vs. Consumer TVs

Capability Planar LCDs Consumer TVs
Bezel Durable, logo-free design No
Support for extended use Commercial-grade panel and backlight No
Landscape/portrait Both Landscape only
Greater brightness Up to 700 nit Ranges from 200 - 300 nit
Commercial connectivity     Yes No
Display control RS-232 and LAN No
Tiling Scale image over multiple displays* No
Protective glass Yes* No
Touch screen Yes* No
Longer life electronics and power components Yes No
Rear lockable keypad Yes* No
Lockable remote control Yes* No
On/off scheduling Yes* No
USB playback Yes* No
Advanced image settings Yes* No
Multi-source viewing Yes No
OPS slot Yes* No
Warranty 3 years advance replacement 1 year parts and labor

*Available on select Planar models

  • Wide range of sizes, resolutions and technologies
  • Designed for the world's most demanding environments
  • Delivering superior visual performance and reliability
  • Featuring logo-free bezels, slim installation depths and flexible mounting systems