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Boost the GameDay Experience

Today’s Sports and Entertainment Venues are facing heated competition from new facilities, as well as broadcast and streaming media. As a result, venues and arenas are turning to digital display technology to change the game - transforming the experience of being a spectator into an immersive fan experience.

Leading the way, Leyard and Planar have partnered with Lighthouse Technologies to combine the strengths of two leading display technology manufacturers to serve the Sports & Entertainment market. By combining Leyard and Planar’s leadership in high resolution display technology with Lighthouse’s decades of experience in deploying LED display technology to Sports & Entertainment Venues and Areas around the globe, this partnership offers the latest in display innovation for Sports & Entertainment customers in North America.



Veterans Memorial Scoreboard

From center-hung displays to end boards, Leyard and Planar provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED video display solutions to meet the need of any scoreboard application. With exceptional brightness, a wide range of pixel pitches and customizable models, Leyard and Planar LED scoreboard displays deliver essential scoring information with superior image quality.


Fascia & Banners

UK Banner

Fasica and banners displays can transform venues, from energizing fans to providing additional revenue opportunities for advertisers and sponsors. With bright, vibrant LED ribbon displays that deliver wide viewing angles and slim profiles, Leyard and Planar offer fascia and banner display solutions that deliver reliability and ease of service.



Concourse Digital Signage

OKC Concourse

Display technology provides Sports Venue and Arenas the opportunity to captivate fans as they enter the facility, provide wayfinding information and continue an immersive fan experience before they even get to their seats. From high impact LED and LCD video walls to interactive touch solutions, Leyard and Planar provide venues and arenas with a wide range of display technology options to ensure the right display solution for any digital signage application.



Outdoor Digital Billboards

Outdoor Digital Billboard

The fan experience can begin before visitors enter a venue or an arena. Outdoor Billboards can greet fans in-transit with digital signage along the entrances of venues and within parking lots. From fan engagement and wayfinding, to ticket information and advertising opportunities, Outdoor Digital Billboards offer venues the opportunity to engage and inform visitors the minute they enter a venue’s grounds. With ultra-high brightness, wide viewing angles and a range of pixel pitch options for any viewing distance, Leyard and Planar’s outdoor LED video display solutions deliver crowd-pleasing visual performance while withstanding the challenges of high intensity ambient light and harsh weather conditions.

  • Create immersive environments that build your brand
  • Provide features such as advertisements and instant playback for fans
  • Provide interactive technology that increases fan engagement and revenue generation


Sports Installation Highlights

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Providence Park

Massive Array of Cutting-Edge Display Technologies Heighten the Fan Experience at Providence Park

In the Pacific Northwest, professional soccer has a passionate following marked by avid fans and diehard, authentic support for local teams. The excitement for soccer is especially rampant in Portland, home to the Portland Timbers of Major League Soccer and the Portland Thorns FC of the National Women’s Soccer League.

These teams play their home matches at Providence Park, a…

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