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LCD Video Wall

Bundled, High Performance LCD Video Walls

Planar® VM Complete™ video walls minimize the amount of time and effort required to select the right high-definition LCD video wall solution for any high-ambient light, 24x7 environment. Instead of compiling all the elements of the video wall separately, and determining which configuration would be best, Planar VM Complete video walls are pre-packaged with everything you need in one model. They also feature our popular Planar® VM Series LCD video wall displays.

A Planar VM Complete LCD video wall comes in a 2x2 or 3x3 array complete with Full HD 49" or 55" Planar VM Series displays, mounts and trim pre-bundled, for a great value; as low as $9,250 (MSRP US).


Bezeled Beauty

Planar VM Complete video walls feature LCD video wall displays with tiled bezel widths of 0.88 or 3.5 millimeters. The narrow tiled bezels create a near-seamless Full HD viewing experience even at close distances, with the 0.88 millimeter tiled bezel models being the thinnest in the industry. With diagonal video wall size options ranging from 97" to 164", mountable in landscape orientation, there is surely a Planar VM Complete bundle ideal for most any retail store, hospitality setting, or corporate lobby.

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Bright When It's Light Out

Planar VM Complete video walls have brightness options of 450, 500 or 700 nits for optimized viewing in different ambient light such as darker museums or bright hotels. And the displays are ENERGY STAR® certified, so they won't waste energy .

Package and Save

Selecting an off-the-shelf Planar VM Complete video wall not only saves time, energy and the challenges associated with designing a video wall, but it also saves budget as the five Planar VM Complete bundles cost less than purchasing the same video wall components a la cart.

Crestron Modules

Crestron drivers for Planar VM Complete make it easier for resellers to integrate and consultants to recommend. Crestron drivers can save hours of programming, installation, and cost.


Custom Planar VM Series LCD video wall configurations also available.



  • Complete Full HD LCD video wall ready to install
  • Available with 49" or 55" video wall displays
  • Brightness from 450 to 500 nits for most ambient light settings
  • Includes video wall displays, mounts and trim
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • Starting as low as $9,250 (MSRP US)



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Planar VMC55LXU9

LCD Video Wall

The Planar VM Complete VMC55LXU9 video wall features nine 55-inch LCD video wall displays in a 3x3 landscape configuration, with tiled bezel widths of 3.5 millimeters. With a diagonal video wall size of 164 inches, and 500-nit brightness, it is ideal for any retail store, hospitality setting, or corporate lobby. The Planar VM Complete VMC55LXU9 comes with the video wall displays, mounts and trim.

Vm Complete 3X3 Energy Star
Specification: Detail:

Planar VM Complete

Model Display Diagonal Configuration Total Diagonal* Tile Bezel Width Brightness Energy Star
VMC55LXU9 55" 3x3 164" 3.5mm 500 nits Yes
VMC55LXU4 55" 2x2 109" 3.5mm 500 nits Yes
VMC49LXU4 49" 2x2 97" 3.5mm 450 nits Yes

*Measurements are estimates only. Please refer to the display and mount dimensional drawings and display spacing guidance as found in the Planar VM Series User Guide.

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