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Apr 15, 2024

Upgrading the campus experience with direct-view LED

Video displays play a significant role in the student experience on college and university campuses. They support applications that fall into three categories: Specialized academic spaces Examples include film studies spaces, CAVEs, and specialized learning spaces where extended and virtual reality is used to support advanced visualization and learning; Mainstream academic spaces Examples include auditoria and new classrooms; Non-academic spaces Examples include alumni and student centers, athletic centers, conference centers, donor walls, museums and lobbies. Choosing the right display technology is a delicate balance between technology and; More…
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Feb 14, 2024

Illuminating Generosity: Planar Video Walls Up-Level Donor Appreciation

Education institutions need continuous funding from alumni, boosters, community partners, local businesses to continue operations. Visual, public expressions of gratitude toward these major benefactors has always been important for schools as it instills a sense of pride in many donors and encourages continued giving. But the banners, bulletin boards and small displays of yesteryear are no longer an appropriate reflection of the importance of these critical contributions. Here are some examples of how schools can elevate donor recognition by using modern wall display technology, turning spaces into successful showcases of the generosity that fuels the; More…
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Nov 28, 2023

Elevating Athletic Recruitment with Planar’s Display Solutions

In today's college and university athletics landscape, signing and retaining top-tier athletic talent has become increasingly challenging. With new NCAA Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) policies allowing student-athletes to make money from their personal brand, and new rules making it easier for athletes to transfer schools and retain their athletic eligibility, student athletes have more choices about what school they’ll attend and play for. For universities to remain competitive in landing recruits, they must be able to speak to the desires and interests of today’s athletes and do whatever they can—within the rules— to stand out from the other school; More…
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May 23, 2023

Illuminating Outdoor Viewing Experiences

Historically, enjoying a movie in the park, observing a restaurant’s menu or even navigating an outdoor mall’s digital directory in direct sunlight can hinder visibility. Today, it’s possible to bring the same level of image detail that’s typically experienced indoors to an outdoor setting. And with protective coatings delivering increased ruggedness and weather protection, users can rest assured that they can find a solution that will shine no matter the weather conditions. To create pleasant and memorable viewing experiences outside, today’s companies should consider high bright, fine pitch outdoor LED solutions that allow for increased visual; More…
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Apr 04, 2023

Lower Scan Means Higher Performance for On-Camera LED

When using an LED video wall for in/on-camera backgrounds, virtual production or extended reality there are many variables to consider. It is important to think about the type of content and colors on screen, shooting distance and angles, lighting, reflections and more. When deciding on a particular LED video wall, many people focus on pixel pitch—the physical distance between the centers of adjacent LED pixels—because the finer the pixel pitch the closer a person (or camera) can be to the video wall without noticing individual pixel outlines. This is an important consideration, depending on the size of the studio and director’s preferred filming; More…
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Mar 07, 2023

Forty Years of Powering Diverse, Next-Level Education Experiences

Whether delivering lecture hall presentations in bright, crisp detail to connect with remote or in-person students, deploying interactive displays to engage visitors in student centers or adorning athletic facilities with uniquely-shaped video wall installations to recruit athletes and excite fans, schools and universities continue to raise the bar on display technology-powered experiences. In addition to delivering experiences today’s tech savvy students expect, institutions are embracing the innovation and flexibility today’s products offer to revolutionize the way teachers instruct. These tools are expected to continue to change learning, teaching; More…
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Feb 15, 2023

Elevating Guest Experiences with Planar Video Walls

Hospitality venues and tourist destinations regularly seek tools that take the guest experience to the next level. In addition to welcoming visitors in unique ways, venues want to deliver personal, impactful and one-of-a-kind experiences that leave guests wanting to come back for more. Modern display technology from Planar helps venues deliver just the kind of experiences they are looking for.    In the cases of the national museum gallery, mountain-top visitor center and nostalgia-inducing casino highlighted below, each deployed award-winning Planar video walls to modernize their environments and engage visitors with powerful, elevated visual; More…
LED Lobby
Jan 24, 2023

LED Creates the Perfect Lobby Centerpiece

Who travels through your organization’s lobby on a day-to-day basis and what kind of impression are you trying to make? Do your employees need a tranquil or energetic environment to foster a more productive workday? Are you looking to advertise your company’s services to prospective customers or highlight an award-winning project you recently completed with industry partners? We’re seeing more businesses deploy lobby LED video walls to display messages and updates, deliver digital art experiences and broadcast presentations, conferences and other special events. A significant number of large corporations are using LED displays externally as well as in; More…
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Dec 06, 2022

Advancing Auditorium Research and Presentations with Planar TVF Series

Delivering the brightest, most vivid colors and highest resolutions, today’s LED video wall technology has a lot to offer world-class research labs, facilities and universities who are looking to present the latest discoveries in sharp, crystal-clear visual performance. Plus, when no two auditoriums share the same needs, LED video walls offer the flexibility to adapt to unique surroundings and challenges. Delivering visual excellence for every application and a front service, cableless, stackable design that gives new meaning to multi-functionality, the award-winning Planar® TVF Series fine pitch LED video walls proved to be the perfect solution for; More…
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Nov 15, 2022

MicroLED: Brighter & More Efficient?

When Planar launched our first MicroLED Planar® DirectLight® Ultra™ Series video wall models, many people’s eyebrows were raised. Not only did it offer our finest pixel pitch to date—0.6mm between the center of adjacent pixels—but it was the first truly mass-produced MicroLED video wall with immediate availability. The new premier product line featured some other technical advancements of interest, like proprietary self-adjusting alignment technology to keep video walls seamless, but the most fascinating elements for many people were certain specifications that stood out as peculiar. In particular, Planar DirectLight Ultra Series’ MicroLEDs deliver; More…