Train 730Px Wide
Oct 11, 2021

Enthrall Digital Signage Audiences with Naked Eye 3D Content

by Peter Lawrence, Director, Planar Custom Solutions Group As large outdoor LED screens compete for viewers’ attention, advertisers and video content developers seek ever more effective ways to stand out. We’ve all seen wonderful videos circulating on social media of giant building-side LED displays with animals or space ships appearing to come right out of the building. It has viewers both in-person and online completely spellbound and captivated. It may appear magic, but it is really just an optical illusion that required careful planning and execution. In fact, the magic is in the creative combination of display hardware, content and viewing; More…
Planar Mgp Series Commons 730X384
Apr 06, 2021

The Growing Accessibility of Fine Pitch LED

Finding the Next Big Thing For a long while organizations have searched for a very large visual solution that could show large groups of people multimedia content for business, digital signage, events, education, command and control, house of worship and a variety of other applications. While several options have surfaced over the years, each had its own challenges, limiting its effectiveness. Projection As recently as 15 years ago high-end digital projectors were just about the only way to get massive bezel-free imagery to large groups of people. They were ideal for darker environments like theaters and dimmed lecture halls, but other applications; More…