Foundations for Success

With global manufacturing, marketing, sales, R&D, operations and a growing base of high-performance technologies, Planar is uniquely positioned to supply specialty display solutions for the information age.

We operate under 7 Pillars, stating the core values that guide our actions.

Vision and Values

The Planar Pursuit, Our Vision: Be the global leader in the digital signage market.

The Planar Purpose: Leverage our innovative display technology solutions for our customers.

Planar Corporate Values are expressed as the 7 Pillars, which we use to engage employees for Company success. The 7 Pillars are:

  1. Debate, Commit, & Support
  2. Execute with Integrity and Accountability
  3. Win Together
  4. Go Above and Beyond for our Customers
  5. Drive Improvement
  6. Be Bold
  7. Act with Urgency

Planar values its employees and our employees:

  • Believe in teamwork, open and constructive communication, and that together we can achieve anything.
  • Openly discuss issues and alternatives, collaborate on solutions and improvements, and are accountable for our results.
  • Are enthusiastic about success and believe fun, fulfillment, and achievement go hand in hand.
  • Have opportunities to develop and leverage their skills and experience to the benefit of both themselves and the company.