Planar WallDirector Cloud

Display Fleet Management Application

Planar® WallDirector™ Cloud is a web-based monitoring application that enables organizations to remotely manage their fleet of Planar display solutions deployed around the world. Built natively for the cloud, the web application offers a secure, simple dashboard view of select Planar LED and LCD display solutions, with the ability to monitor their individual health, perform routine diagnostics and open support tickets through the browser for Planar Support.

  • Web-based monitoring dashboard
  • Remote diagnostics & troubleshooting
  • One-click Planar support requests
  • Multiple convenient view options
Unveiling Planar WallDirector Cloud

At InfoComm 2024, Product Manager Naurry Kwon spoke with rAVe Pubs about the new Planar WallDirector Cloud global display fleet monitoring and management application.

Planar WDC Screen 1 636X338 Image

Control Dashboard

The browser-based Planar WallDirector Cloud platform displays multiple data sources with convenient views to make display monitoring and management simpler.

From the centralized dashboard administrators can send commands, restart, update firmware and pull diagnostic information remotely.

Planar WDC Screen 6 Devices 636X338 Image

Define Spaces & Devices

Within the system, administrators can define physical spaces that contain displays. They can organize the dashboard by spaces such as geography, buildings or rooms for quick and efficient management.

Administrators can identify, check status and manage every compatible Planar display solution deployed throughout the entire fleet, across every location.

Planar WDC Screen 4 Incidents 636X338 Image

Monitor Incidents

This important dashboard view lets users see any display incidents happening across the display fleet, such as offline displays or missing sources. Administrators can define filters to sort incidents by priority or device type which will help them identify trends and address issues efficiently.

Planar WDC Screen 5 Support 636X338 Image

One-Click Support

Users can open a Planar Support ticket with a title, description and contact information directly from the dashboard. Planar Support will see the display model and firmware prior to connecting with the customer in order to be best prepared to discuss and address the issue.

Compatible Display Solutions

Planar DirectLight Ultra Series

Premium indoor solution with MicroLED models, self alignment and advanced processing

LED Video Wall
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Planar DirectLight Pro Series

Bright premium indoor solution with high bandwidth and broad controller compatibility

LED Video Wall
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Planar TVF Series

Proven indoor solution with excellent image quality, stackable design and a lifetime warranty

LED Video Wall
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Planar UltraRes L Series

Full HD solution with built-in interactive touch, audio and advanced multi-source viewing

All-in-One LED Displays
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Planar DirectLight X Series

Premium indoor solution with advanced processing, off-board electronics and superior images

LED Video Wall
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Clarity Matrix G3

Mission-critical, ultra-narrow bezel displays with an off-board video controller and powerful processing

LCD Video Wall
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Planar UltraRes X Series

Premium 24x7 solution with advanced processing, multi-source viewing and optional touch

Large Format LCD Displays
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Planar UltraRes P Series

Multi-source viewing solution with 24x7 reliability, remote monitoring, alerts and optional touch

Large Format LCD Displays
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