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Selecting a Planar® DirectLight® Ultra Complete™ video wall reduces the time and complexity of deploying a 4K or 8K MicroLED video wall. We’ve packaged everything an organization needs in one complete 108” to 217” diagonal LED video wall display. Simply select the total size that best suits the environment and application, and receive the package of LED display cabinets, video controller, remote power supply, cables, spare modules, wall mounts, and remote control, all included.

Planar DirectLight Ultra Complete is configured using the flagship Planar® DirectLight® Ultra™ Series LED video wall displays and features Planar® ActivAlign™, a proprietary self-adjusting alignment system that ensures a continuous seamless visual experience.

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Planar DirectLight Ultra Complete UHD108

MicroLED Video Wall

The Planar® DirectLight Ultra Complete™ UHD108 is a 4K, 108” MicroLED video wall solution that includes everything an organization needs to deliver large-format beautiful video and imagery, in less time and with less effort. The solution comes with LED display cabinets, cables, spare modules, wall mounts, trim, remote control, Planar® Remote Power Supply and full-featured Planar® WallDirector™ Video Controller and software all included. It features front-side installation and serviceability for easier access and installation against the wall. The display also comes with the Planar® EverCare™ Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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Built to Last & Covered for Life

Planar DirectLight Ultra Complete video walls are manufactured in the United States and are compliant with U.S. Trade Agreements Act (TAA) regulations. Each video wall display comes with the exclusive Planar® EverCare™ Lifetime Limited Warranty, which means everything from the sub-pixels to the Controller is covered for as long as the video wall is used in a fixed location. Multi-year leasing options are also available through the Planar® EverNew™ Managed Service Program.

Just the Right Size

The Planar DirectLight Ultra Complete video wall optimizes efficiency with pre-packaged solutions in four popular sizes: 108”, 136”, 163” and 217”. All models are 4K or 8K and feature a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, ideal for video content. The diverse sizing options ensure there’s a model for any space with viewing distance as close as 3’ (0.9m).

Of course, if none of those video wall sizes is quite right, custom sizes and resolutions of Planar DirectLight Ultra Series are also available.

MicroLED = Big Power

Planar DirectlLight Ultra Complete models feature MicroLEDs that are less than half the size of the smallest standard LEDs but deliver up to three times more brightness, excellent visual performance and color uniformity. They are also more energy efficient, requiring less power and producing less heat at a given brightness. They offer more vivid colors and leave more room for a black canvas, providing greater detail with dark images and better overall contrast. The MicroLED design has a smaller footprint and reduces light blockage and ambient-light reflection. Their small size facilitates the highest resolution possible for LED, even in video walls of smaller size.

MicroLED Diagram
Planar WallDirector Video Controller

Powerful Processing

Each video wall features a compact and scalable Planar® WallDirector™ Video Controller (VC) and Software to drive the video wall at native resolution with smooth scaling and content windowing. The video controller captures multiple 4K inputs and provides signal extension over CAT or fiber connections. It supports processor monitoring, alerts and easy creation and recall of windowing layouts on the video wall.

Planar DirectLight Ultra Complete includes multiple video inputs, with HDMI2.0 and HDCP2.2 at 4K@60Hz. The included Planar® Remote Power Supply moves heat, depth, noise, weight, service points and electrical outlets from the video wall and into a rack room.

Ultra Performance

Planar DirectLight Ultra Series visually supports the most demanding use models for control rooms, boardroom presentations, or media-heavy applications. It delivers our best color reproduction, highest brightness, greatest performance with dark content, highest resolutions and is also ready for High Dynamic Range (HDR) content.

The video walls offer mission-critical design for 24x7 reliability and are designed to maximize technological advancements for mounting, alignment, space constraints, reliability, fast service, power efficiency, scalability and long life.

Planar DirectLight Ultra Complete - Ultra Performance
Planar DirectLight Ultra Alignment Diagram

Always Aligned

The convenient, full front service Planar DirectLight Ultra Series features a pixel-perfect display even at 0.6mm pixel pitch. To maintain visual performance over time, it has Planar ActivAlign, proprietary self-adjusting alignment technology that combats issues such as vibration and thermal expansion that can cause LED modules to shift and disrupt the seamless visual experience. Planar DirectLight Ultra maintains module positioning through these events, reducing the need for repeated maintenance.

Accessibility Matters

Planar DirectLight Ultra Complete video walls feature front-side installation and serviceability for easier access and installation versatility. With front-access and install depth of less than four inches, organizations can place the video wall against the room wall, minimizing the solution footprint and maximizing floor space. Organizations can also better accommodate individuals with disabilities as the solution is designed for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design.

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