Planar MediaPlex Plus Processing

Advanced Display Control and Image Adjustment

Planar® MediaPlex™ Plus provides advanced versatility and control of image adjustments, calibration and multi-source viewing.

With Planar MediaPlex Plus, display users can view up to four sources simultaneously in dual, triple, quad, or picture-in-picture (PiP) layouts. Color gamut presets, as well as advanced color adjustments let viewers achieve exact color point targets, adjustable by source.

Custom Presets

Planar MediaPlex Plus processing offers the ability to save frequently used configurations which can be recalled quickly using the IR remote, RS232, LAN, web browser interface or the Planar® UltraRes™ App. Preset configurations can also be scheduled using Planar UltraRes X Series' advanced scheduling feature.

Remote Monitoring and Management Interface

When connected to a network, the remote interface allows users to monitor and adjust all relevant display settings including: layouts, image adjustments and email alert configuration.

Planar UltraRes App

The Planar UltraRes App enables simplified on-the-fly layout and source switching from any iOS or Android mobile device.

  • View multiple sources simultaneously in dual, triple, quad or picture-in-picture (PiP) layouts
  • Precise image adjustments optimize picture quality at the source level
  • Seamless upscaling and downscaling within any layout
  • Ability to recall and schedule custom preset configurations
  • Planar UltraRes App enables switching from mobile devices