Planar Large Format Dual Monitor Stand

Planar's Large Format Dual Monitor Stand accommodates monitors from 24"-32". It maximizes the benefits of two monitors by making it easier to toggle between applications due to its flexible setup options. The stand helps to organize display cables with a cable organizer and all models can tilt, swivel, rotate, and height-adjust. Dual monitor mount installation is quick and easy. 

Large Dual Monitor Stand Large Dual Monitor Stand
Model Number Part Number
Large Format Dual Monitor Stand 997-6504-00
  • Large Dual Monitor Stand supports two displays between 24"-32" with maximum weight of 33 lbs. per display
  • Flexibility to tilt up and down +/- 15°, Swivel displays side to side +/-15°
  • Rotate 90° for landscape or portrait mode
  • Hole pitch 200 x 100 VESA, 100 x 100 VESA and 75 mm x 75 mm VESA
  • Height adjustable up to 13" (335 mm)
  • M4, M5, M6 and M8 screw type

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