T1V Partners with Leyard and Planar to Provide Fully Integrated Collaboration and Interactive Solutions

T1V ViewHub, ThinkHub visual collaboration software and ThinkHub Connect active learning room technology to be paired with Leyard and Planar LED and LCD multi-touch video walls for enterprise, education, and active learning environments.

T1V has partnered with Leyard and Planar to provide fully integrated collaboration and interactive solutions for enterprise, education, and active learning environments. Together, the companies recognize they are able to bring to market a powerful solution that leverages T1V’s expertise in multiuser, visual collaboration software paired with Leyard and Planar’s Clarity® Matrix® MultiTouch LCD Video Wall System and Leyard® LED MultiTouch video walls. Together, these two offerings create a best-in-class, interactive experience.

T1V and Leyard and Planar will introduce bundled video wall solutions combining Leyard and Planar display technology with T1V visual collaboration software ViewHub, ThinkHub, and ThinkHub Connect. Further options for floor mounted and wall mounted configurations will also be available. This partnership provides a single source for multiple collaboration solutions, while offering an optimized experience with the coupling of T1V software and Leyard and Planar display technology.

“For years, our two companies have worked side by side...this partnership solidifies T1V’s confidence in Leyard and Planar display technology, and we are excited to introduce bundled solutions for our partners at aggressive pricing…” says Adam Loritsch, T1V VP of Sales and Marketing.

“Enterprise, education and other active learning environments need visual collaboration and display technologies that are consistently reliable. We have worked with TIV for years and we are confident that our products work together to be the solution our customers need,” said Adam Schmidt, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Leyard and Planar. “We are excited to be their display partner and look forward to advancing our collaboration offerings.”

All T1V software solutions are Built for BYOD™ - supporting devices across Apple, Windows, and Android platforms to connect and mirror content to ViewHub presentation, ThinkHub collaboration, and ThinkHub Connect active learning room technology. These tools are used for brainstorming and ideation sessions, strategic planning, data visualization, presentation creation and delivery, prototyping, interactive videoconferencing, and remote collaboration and working sessions. All ThinkHub sessions can be saved and resumed at a later date for seamless meeting-to-meeting progress.

In addition to ViewHub, ThinkHub, and ThinkHub Connect technology, T1V’s Interactive Solutions also include semi-custom software modules, like Interactive Map and Interactive Timeline, which allow for fully branded environments that help users to better tell their story.

Bundled video wall solutions are now available through system integrator partners.

About T1V

T1V is a visual collaboration company specializing in multitouch, multiuser software for enterprise and education markets. The company’s collaboration platform includes ThinkHub® multitouch collaboration, ViewHub™ wireless presentation, and AirConnect™ mobile app - all working cohesively to support a seamless, intuitive user experience for both in-room and remote participants. T1V’s suite of collaboration software represents total meeting room solutions that replace much of the hardware we equate meeting room technology with today.

T1V ThinkHub Connect™ active learning technology is designed to support a variety of teaching and learning styles, from traditional lecture to team problem-solving and group-based work. The solution also supports collaboration between students located at off-site locations and allows easy content sharing between remote locations.

All T1V solutions are Built for BYOD™ (bring your own device) to support the many devices, programs, and platforms of today’s meeting and learning environments. T1V is a leading innovator in large-scale, interactive software technology, with four issued patents and two patents allowed in multitouch, multiuser software.

To learn more, visit t1v.com.