World Wide Technology Installs Leyard and Planar Displays Throughout New Global Headquarters

Global technology provider enhances collaboration and connections with inspirational LCD and LED video walls in new atrium and auditorium

Planar, global leaders in visualization products, today announced that World Wide Technology (WWT), a technology solutions provider with locations around the world, has installed Leyard and Planar LED and LCD displays throughout its new 208,000-square-foot global headquarters in St. Louis, Mo.

The installation, completed by Coltrane Systems, includes a Planar® Mosaic® Architectural Video Wall composed of 50 LCD tiles in the building’s new atrium area. It also includes an impressive 55-feet-long by 13-feet-high Leyard® TWA Series 1.8 millimeter pixel pitch LED video wall at the front of the company’s 300-seat auditorium. Six Planar® UltraRes™ Series 4K LCD displays are built into the walls of the auditorium, with several more installed in the executive boardroom, the employees’ network café area and the building’s new corporate lobby.

“We wanted to build a new global headquarters that would allow for sophisticated and dynamic ‘smart office’ capabilities to increase collaboration among our local teams and encourage greater interaction with remote personnel,” said Chad Bockert, vice president of business development and marketing at WWT. “We are extremely pleased with the way the Leyard and Planar displays elevated how we do business and work cohesively as a global organization. The displays also allow us to reinforce our corporate core values, mission statement and vision using creative messaging and imagery.”

Inspiring Purposeful Content

A centerpiece of the new building is the Planar Mosaic video wall array in the building’s new atrium. The video wall is designed as a dynamic installation that showcases changing content in a compelling way to create an impactful and interesting space. The video wall has led to the development of content that emphasizes WWT’s core values, helping to reinforce the company’s corporate culture. It also offers a new way for the company to connect with customers and partners during executive briefings held in this central space.

WWT chose Planar Mosaic because of the endless possibilities it provides for creative expression and the delivery of art and information. Planar Mosaic features three different sizes of LCD video wall tiles that can be mounted in any position and angle relative to each other. Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Leyard and Planar, Adam Schmidt said, “The new WWT global headquarters is a stunning display of innovation, technology and creative design that reinforces the company’s corporate culture and values. We are delighted that the Leyard and Planar display solutions bring WWT’s vision to life in such an impactful way.”

Enhancing Organizational Connections

The massive Leyard TWA Series LED video wall in WWT’s below-grade auditorium is used for executive presentations including the company’s annual corporate update. The video wall is designed to enhance communication with employees and better unite the company’s global organization.

WWT selected the Leyard TWA Series for its flexibility, high performance and crystal clear images. The Leyard TWA Series is architected to support the highest pixel density and provide a crisp, high-contrast image using the highest quality black LEDs. Wide viewing angles deliver excellent off-axis uniformity, while advanced calibration provides maximum full color and brightness uniformity across even the largest video walls—all with no visible seams.

On either side of the gigantic video wall, WWT installed three 86-inch Planar UltraRes Series 4K LCD displays. The displays are designed to showcase outdoor video footage when the auditorium is in use to help diminish the subterranean feel of the space.

“We feel the final design represents WWT’s unique brand of technology and innovation,” said Rick Coltrane, president of Coltrane Systems. “Our goal was to give WWT the tools within their own building to best showcase their technology.”

Optimizing Key Workspaces

In addition to the stunning video walls in its atrium and auditorium, WWT has installed Planar UltraRes Series 4K LCD displays throughout many areas of its new headquarters. Several 98- inch Planar UltraRes Series displays have been placed in the executive boardroom to support high-level presentations and enhance video conferencing through a vivid and immersive experience. Two Planar UltraRes Series displays are installed in the employee network café area and a Planar UltraRes Touch display has been incorporated into the building’s new corporate lobby to welcome visitors and provide engagement through customer testimonial videos.

The Planar UltraRes Series was selected for its superior performance and exceptional 4K clarity. The Planar UltraRes Series features Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160), offering a bestin- class solution for boardrooms, collaborative meeting spaces and high-impact digital signage applications. Planar UltraRes Touch adds interactivity to the experience by combining stunning 4K image clarity with 32 points of multi-touch. Planar UltraRes Touch displays feature Planar® ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology, a bonded glass surface that adds durability and protection while minimizing the effects of glare.

The full WWT Installation Profile and images can be viewed here.