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Security Operations Rooms

As corporations extend operations far beyond headquarters, the technology systems that support remote connections have conversely become more centralized. Monitoring and securing physical premises as well as back-end IT infrastructure is a vital aspect of enterprise functions, requiring complex in-house security operations rooms.

Expanded Viewpoint

Corporate security and control operations have evolved from a simple set-up crammed into an equipment closet into full-fledged 24x7 monitoring operations. These compact command centers connect administrators with the surveillance and technical visualizations they need, across banks of video walls and desktop monitor arrays.

An increasingly distributed workforce means there is more to monitor. And keeping ergonomics and human factors in mind is essential to the health and comfort of team members. Reduce eye strain with higher resolution desktop monitors, robust 4K LCD displays and ultra-high resolution video walls with advanced processing to ensure better resolution across wide, seamless expanses of visual information.

Secure the Perimeter

Connect and monitor far-flung operations with confidence, knowing that Planar’s engineering teams are collaborating with expert cybersecurity teams to test and enhance encrypted video processing and network-connected technologies. Add an additional level of assurance knowing that for government applications requiring TAA compliance, Planar products are designed, built and supported in North America. Having the factory, engineering and field organization on the continent means a smooth process from calibration to continual operation.

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TAA-Compliant Display Solutions

Planar offers a range of display solutions that are fully compliant with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA). From truly seamless ultra-fine pitch LED video walls to the most comprehensive portfolio of LCD video wall solutions, to 4K LCD displays and a wide range interactive touch solutions, Planar TAA-compliant displays are assembled in the United States and are approved by the US Government for use.


Planar’s work in mission-critical command and control environments has produced design innovations that make it easier to maintain and operate displays. Front-service access of video walls streamlines any needed hardware updates. For ease of use in rugged applications, durable display surfaces like Planar® ERO-LED™ and Planar® ERO-LCD™ technology have been designed for high touch capacitance, while advanced video processing provides smooth motion video and mouse tracking.

Expanded collaboration surfaces and advanced visualization are securing corporate operations and providing the same flexibility and adaptability expected throughout the workplace. Anywhere that team members gather, there is a visual solution to help connect and create results.