Product Security

Our Commitment

Planar is committed to using best practices to develop display solutions that meet the security needs of our customers. In the always-evolving threat landscape, perfect cybersecurity cannot be guaranteed, but Planar is diligent in adapting our processes and our products in order to best meet the product security needs of our customers.

If you have any security questions or concerns related to Planar display solutions, please contact Planar's Product Security Team.

Designed for Security

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Continual Training

Planar continually trains our engineers and improves processes to reduce vulnerabilities from the earliest point in the product lifecycle.

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Development Process

Planar strives to move security considerations and testing further upstream in our development process. To that end Planar also evaluates our supply chain partners with respect to product security concerns.

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Security Goals

In our own development, Planar leverages standards, best practices and independent third party expert review of products, processes and our IT environment in order to meet Planar’s product security goals.

Cybersecurity Certified

Select display lines have been designed to meet the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) EN 303 645 cybersecurity standard for consumer Internet of Things devices.

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Vulnerability Management

Planar iterates continually through these stages

1) Discover: By using standards-based best practices and tools, Planar product designers work with customers and suppliers to identify potential vulnerabilities in our products. Reports to Planar's Product Security Team are acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt.

2) Evaluate: Applying a consistent evaluation framework, Planar assesses the risk of each identified vulnerability by applying a consistent evaluation framework.

3) Prioritize: Vulnerabilities are prioritized for remediation according to the assessed risk within 7 days of discovery.

4) Remediate
: Mitigations are developed for prioritized vulnerabilities within 90 days.

5) Communicate: Options for mitigation are documented and made available to our customers. Mitigations may be as simple as a configuration change or may require product updates. Third party reporters receive updates every 30 days. 

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Planar products are NDAA-compliant in accordance with Section 889 of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2019 (NDAA). Visit the Planar Government page for more information about Planar’s Government business.

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Reseller Partner Portal

Implementing the latest software and device firmware can help maintain the security of Planar products and provide access to new capabilities. The Planar Partner Portal for Authorized Planar Resellers provides the latest versions of software and firmware.

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