Digital Experiences for the Modern Home

To enhance the ambiance of contemporary dwellings, visual technology offers a unique way to transform home environments into exciting spaces for media entertainment and digital art.

Display solutions bring a striking visual feature to media rooms and living spaces and infuse a cinematic atmosphere into home theatres. Video walls mounted as digital art installations provide a vibrant canvas for creative expression, heightening the character and originality of your residence. Leading-edge options with design adaptability and the slimmest of profiles are built to seamlessly integrate with architectural elements and complement a diversity of interior decors.

Display Applications for Residential

Media Rooms

Media rooms are versatile, multi-purpose spaces that can be designed to accommodate a variety of uses, from sports viewing and entertaining guests to family activities, movie nights, gaming and more. In these areas, flexible video walls and displays that look great from any distance or angle provide a visually rich viewing experience and amplify the room’s entertainment value.

Lounge, Dining & Entertainment

To foster interest and artistic appeal in lounges, dining areas and spaces for entertaining, a seamless video wall is a media art canvases for displaying different forms of digital artwork. As a flexible medium, video wall technology allows you to easily change content and the experience you wish to achieve—from nature-inspired videos that promote home wellness to abstract, digital motion art that integrates background movement into a room.

Home Offices

Video walls and displays transform home offices into highly functional workspaces, improving the clarity of documents and spreadsheets and enhancing the video conferencing experience.

Recommended Solutions: LCD Video Walls, Large Format Displays

Home Theatres

For those who desire the experience of the theatre in their home, ultra-high-resolution video walls free the typical restrictions of projection by offering enhanced visibility in any lighting condition. With sharp contrast, stunning color and vibrant imagery, LED options produce an immersive atmosphere that recreates—and even transcends—a cinema environment.

Recommended Solutions: LED Video Walls


Display technology presents a high-tech upgrade to complement the features of a modern kitchen, allowing homeowners to display digital art, watch news programs, follow recipes, or engage with cooking shows.

Recommended Solutions: Large Format Displays

Outdoor Living Areas

With outdoor living areas growing in popularity, more homeowners are building multi-functional exterior spaces that are treated as extensions of their home interiors. To create a more upscale outdoor living environment, video walls and large format displays featuring ultra-high brightness provide superior visual performance in high ambient light conditions.

Recommended Solutions: LED Video Walls

Northern California Home Entertainment

Large scale video wall technology is widely seen today in commercial applications in practically every vertical market. The most common deployments are corporate facilities, transportation centers, retail, higher education and sports venues, to name a few.

Continued advances in the technology have now begun to make it attractive to consumers with professional requirements. Direct view LED technology, such as the new Planar® DirectLight® LED Video Wall System, is one exam…

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