Residential Solutions

Designed for demanding applications with high performance requirements

Why Planar for Residential?

Planar's award-winning commercial display solutions create dynamic and stunning arrays in residential applications. For the display technology with superior image and viewing experiences that will leave you breathless, Planar has the answer. From LED and LCD video walls to 4K LCD displays, Planar offers a wide range of display solutions for the most demanding residential applications.

Configuration for Ultimate Control

From the free-form arrangement of Planar® Mosaic Video Walls to the virtually-unlimited scaling that enables LCD Video Walls and LED Video Walls of any size, Planar configurations provide installation and design flexibility.

Designed for Designers:

Planar video wall and digital signage products are designed to create unique backdrops or eye-catching focal points in residential design. Planar digital signage products feature a thin-mounting profile, which complies with ADA standards without additional structures or costly insets.

Exceptional Value for the Integrator and Client: 

Planar's solutions are engineered to make design, installation and maintenance less expensive and have a lower total cost of ownership optimized for these private environments with features like front serviceability and LED backlight designs. 

  • Best-in-class image performance, tailored to the unique needs of residential applications.
  • Products are built with unmatched performance, durability, reliability, and value.
  • Experienced, well-trained experts are available from design through installation and support.
  • 4K displays in sizes from 28" to 98" with energy-efficient LED backlight and whisper-quiet operation.

Solutions for Residential Applications

LCD Video Walls

LCD Video Walls

A complete portfolio of LCD video walls with a wide range of different sizes, resolutions and technologies
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LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls

A market-leading offering of LED video walls with a wide range of pixel pitches, resolutions and applications
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Large Format LCD Displays

Large Format LCD Displays

A full offering of high-quality, extremely durable displays available from 43" to 100"
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Continued advances in the technology have now begun to make it attractive to consumers with professional requirements. Direct view LED technology, such as the new Planar® DirectLight® LED Video Wall System, is one exam…

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