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Presentation Areas

Reinvention in real-time began as a challenge, and then it became a skill. When a global pandemic changed the way we meet and communicate, the mark of an agile organization was revealed in the ability to deliver consistent, polished messages in the midst of swiftly shifting new realities.

Challenging circumstances are better met with a presentation infrastructure that can create a sense of calm, both for speakers and the audience. Whether it’s an in-house discussion or a global update, confidence shines through vibrant visualization technologies.

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Costar Group

Toronto, Canada

Beyond Backgrounds

Video is the new company-wide email. Efficient, effective and readily available with the prevalence of presentation technologies, a visual message goes a long way in delivering information within a brand narrative. Meanwhile, visual content also maintains a core role in marketing, training and collaboration. To ensure that vital internal and external communications have the elevated look and feel that best represents a successful organization, it’s time to reinvent your display technology presence.

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OHSU Knight Cancer Research Building

Portland, Oregon

Expanding Connections

Internally, as presentation spaces evolve to host an array of in-person and hybrid meetings, large format, high resolution displays can provide a more personal connection with remote participants. Expand the conversation with full-scale imagery, and ensure information is clearly visible with pixel-rich, high-brightness displays. Create a more engaging experience with architecturally integrated large-format displays or seamless video walls that truly reflect a modern aesthetic. Planar can also enhance data security with encrypted processing.

Implementing higher-quality displays has the added benefit of enhancing flexibility. Large format displays and video walls extend viewing range for more spacious gatherings, and increased visual real estate expands the possibilities for sharing data and images. Create more room for ideas. Reinvent the way you present.