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The Planar® TVF Complete™ Video Wall display reduces the time, complexity and cost of designing and installing an LED Video Wall. We’ve packaged everything an organization needs in one complete solution, starting at $69,995 (MSRP US). Simply select the video wall size that best suits the environment and application, and receive the complete package of LED display cabinets, video controller, cables, spare modules, wall mounts, trim and remote control, all included.

Planar TVF Complete is configured using the popular Planar® TVF Series LED video wall displays which feature a high resolution, stackable and cableless design. With the ability to deliver standard Full HD, Double Full HD or 4K resolution walls in various sizes, finding the video wall display to fit your space is easy.

Planar TVF Complete Bundle Size Diagram

Just the Right Size

The Planar TVF Complete Video Wall optimizes efficiency with seven pre-packaged solutions in five popular sizes: 109”. 137”, 164”, 198" or 219”. All models, aside from the 198” model, feature a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, ideal for HD and 4K video content. The wide-view 198” model features a 32:9 aspect ratio that enables users to display two sources side by side at native HD resolution or in a range of other useful windowing layouts.

These diverse sizing options ensure there’s a model for any space with desired viewing distances between 7’ and 20’ (2.1m-6.1m). 

Of course, if none of those video wall sizes is quite right, custom sizes and resolutions of Planar TVF Series are also available.

One Powerful Package

Each video wall features a compact and scalable Planar® WallDirector™ Video Controller (VC) and Planar® WallDirector™ Software to drive the video wall at native resolution with smooth scaling and content windowing. The WallDirector Software supports processor monitoring, alerts and easy creation and recall of windowing layouts on the video wall.

Planar TVF Complete includes multiple video inputs, with HDMI2.0 and HDCP2.2 at 4K@60Hz. A redundant power design in the display safeguards from unexpected interruptions and downtime ensuring continuous operation.

Accessibility Matters

Planar TVF Complete Video Walls feature front-side installation and serviceability for easier access and installation versatility. With front-access and install depth of less than four inches, organizations can place the video wall against the room wall, minimizing the solution footprint and maximizing floor space. Organizations can also better accommodate individuals with disabilities as the solution is designed for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design.

Planar EverCare Lifetime Warranty

Planar TVF Series video wall displays come with the Planar® EverCare™ Lifetime Limited Warranty, which means everything from the sub-pixels to the Controller is covered for as long as the video wall is used in a fixed location. 

Industry Awards

rAVe 2019 Readers' Choice Award Finalist
rAVe 2018 Readers' Choice Award Finalist

More about Planar TVF Series

  • Complete Direct View LED Video Wall ready to install
  • Available in five diagonal sizes: 109", 137", 164", 198", 219"
  • Models with 16:9 or 32:9 aspect ratio
  • Seamless LED display wall
  • Package optimized for Full HD, Double Full HD and 4K resolutions
  • Comes with Planar® EverCare™ Lifetime Warranty
  • Starting as low as $69,995 (MSRP US)




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Planar TVF Complete HD 109

LED Video Wall

The Planar® TVF Complete™ HD 109 is a Full HD, 109” LED video wall solution that includes everything an organization needs to deliver large-format beautiful video and imagery, in less time and with less effort. The solution comes with LED display cabinets, cables, spare modules, wall mounts, trim, remote control and full-featured video controller all included. The Planar TVF Complete HD 109 features front-side installation and serviceability for easier access and installation against the wall.

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Planar TVF Series LED Video Wall

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The Video Wall Calculator allows users to easily configure custom LED and LCD video walls, design, visualize the video walls in real-world environments and download specification data.


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