Leyard DirectLight X

LED Video Wall System

The next-generation Leyard® DirectLight® X LED Video Wall System expands the award-winning Leyard® DirectLight® LED Video Wall System platform to deliver the ultimate complete LED video wall solution.  With the off-board Leyard® Video Controller, Leyard DirectLight X becomes the industry’s first LED video wall solution to embed advanced video processing directly into the product.  Leyard DirectLight X supports a range of fine pixel pitches and includes industry-leading wall mount, full front service access, a mission-critical design for 24x7 reliability and modern, web-based control and management software.

For an interactive LED solution, Leyard® LED MultiTouch is a completely seamless interactive LED video wall solution for select Leyard DirectLight X models. For high-traffic environments, Leyard ERO-LED technology is available for select Leyard DirectLight X models.

Engineered for Performance

Engineered by LED video wall experts, Leyard DirectLight X’s design addresses the challenges and unique benefits of fine pitch LED. The architecture uniquely addresses mounting, alignment, space constraints, reliability, fault-tolerance, fast service, power efficiency, scalability and long life - resulting in superior visual performance and value to customers. A 16:9 aspect ratio and precise pixel pitches ensure every model achieves exact Full HD, 4K or 8K resolutions.

Advanced Video Wall Processing with Integrated Synchronization

Leyard DirectLight X takes built-in video wall processing to a new level with the off-board Leyard® Video Controller (VC), providing source processing, windowing, control and monitoring of the video wall. The 1U Leyard Video Controller (VC) delivering up to (9) 1920x1080 outputs from a single 1U Controller.

The Leyard Video Controller uses Planar® Big Picture Plus™ Video Wall Processing to deliver more extensive on-display and off-board video wall processing, and scale sources across the entire video wall or any section of the video wall, including multiple 4K @ 60Hz signals. Using built-in scaling, users can combine content from a higher number of independent sources, superimpose a smaller image over a larger one with Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and incorporate up to four unique image sources within a single display. Leyard DirectLight X supports the latest 4K connectivity standards, including both HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2, offering customers flexibility when building their video infrastructure.

With the Video Controller, Leyard DirectLight X also incorporates Leyard® WallSync™, providing precisely synchronized video playback and genlock across the video wall.

  • Supports multiple 4K @ 60Hz inputs
  • Supports the latest video standards including HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2 and HDCP 2.2
  • Built-in video signal extension over CAT6
  • Optional fiber optic support for longer video runs and greater signal security

Simplifying Operation and Management

For simplified operation and management, Leyard DirectLight X includes Leyard® WallDirector™ Software, a powerful, web-based user interface that simplifies video wall set-up, configuration, operation and monitoring. It offers the ability to:

  • Drag-and-drop sources onto the video wall canvas and easily manipulate size and position
  • Use presets for recalling video wall windowing layouts to quickly configure content
  • Monitors health status of video wall components from a central, local or remote location
  • Proactively troubleshoots power supplies and video controllers

Efficient and Reliable Remote Power

Leyard DirectLight X includes the Leyard® Remote Power Supply (RPS) that takes heat, depth, noise, weight, service points and electrical outlets away from the video wall and into a convenient, well-ventilated rack room. Featuring n+1 redundant, hot swap power modules, the Leyard RPS is available with 110V and 220V power and features a low power standby mode for video walls not operating 24x7 and offers features for control and monitoring.

Leyard DirectLight X delivers advanced power efficiency through Leyard® DriveSense™, a proprietary driver, controller and LED module design. Leyard DriveSense helps to extend the life of the product by providing highly uniform color and brightness while reducing heat emission, climate control requirements and power consumption. 

Precision Alignment, Easy Front Service and Flexible Installation

Leyard DirectLight X achieves less than 4” profile depth with the Leyard® EasyAlign™ Mounting System, making it exceedingly thin and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Added Protection with Enhanced Visual Appearance

Leyard® ERO-LED™ is a proprietary protective coating applied exclusively to best-in-class Leyard® LED display products to deliver protection and durability in high-traffic environments at a reasonable cost. Unlocking new applications for fine pitch LED displays, Leyard ERO-LED enhances the visual performance of an LED video wall with significantly increased contrast in ambient light and improved off-axis performance.

Industry Awards

  • Next-generation LED video wall system with built-in processing
  • Available in 0.7, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, and 1.8mm pixel pitches
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Features Leyard WallDirector Software for simplified installation, monitoring and video wall management
  • Supports 4K at up to 60Hz and scaling
  • Mission-critical design for 24x7 reliability
  • Power-efficient design with Leyard DriveSense architecture
  • Delivers <4” profile install depth with precise alignment, front installation and front serviceability
  • Leyard LED MultiTouch and Leyard ERO-LED available for select models

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Leyard DirectLight X DLX-0.7

LED Video Wall System

The Leyard® DirectLight® DLX-0.7 is a fine pitch LED video wall display with a 0.7 millimeter pixel pitch. With the off-board Leyard® Video Controller, Leyard DLX-0.7 is the industry’s first LED video wall solution to embed advanced video processing directly into the product. Leyard DLX-0.7 includes a 27” cabinet with a 16:9 aspect ratio designed for Ultra HD resolution,  an industry-leading wall mount, full front service access, off-board hot-swap power supplies and modern, web-based control and management software.

DLX 6x6 and Stack- Control Room 1 Beauty Shot - Left Angled - FHD.png
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