Clarity Matrix G2 App

Flexible control of a Clarity Matrix G2 LCD Video Wall with your phone or tablet

The Clarity® Matrix® G2 App for Android provides flexibility to control a Clarity® Matrix® G2 LCD Video Wall System using an Android™ device. The Clarity Matrix G2 App can be used to perform basic day-to-day operations like turning the video wall on/off and recalling video wall presets.

  • Power on and off the video wall
  • Switch between Planar® Big Picture Plus™ configurations
  • Recall saved preset configurations
  • Create custom names for inputs
  • Hide unused inputs
  • Quickly access multiple video walls on the network
  • Access display information for support (model, serial number, and firmware version)
  • Convenient links to more information about Clarity Matrix or to contact Planar support

Download the Clarity Matrix G2 App


The Clarity Matrix G2 App is compatible with the Clarity Matrix Video Wall System with G2 Architecture. To interact with a video wall using this app, you must have purchased the Planar® WallNet™ option with a Clarity Matrix G2 LCD Video Wall.

Clarity Matrix G2 App

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