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Multi-Use Spaces

Most offices have an “everything” area that somehow expands and contracts to accommodate formal town halls, company-wide strategy meetings with break-out rooms, daily check-ins, as well as more festive informational gatherings and celebrations. With each new use, technology becomes a more essential part of the picture. First to arrive are the big screens, then add enhanced connections for streamlined collaboration, and all along the way, flexibility is key.

But what if the imagination yearns to expand further? When it seems like the multi-use space is really the center of everything, all day, and every team wants to use it, embrace the opportunity to enhance the environment with some truly memorable visualization options. Add the kind of flexibility that not only helps get the job done, but also leaves a company-culture-boosting impression.

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MFS Investment Management

Boston, Massachusetts

Divide and Connect

Think beyond the static. Consider a new big screen that is actually composed of lightweight modules that can be separated and drawn apart like a curtain, creating a multitude of presentation and room configuration options. Hang the panels on rails and slide them for use across the room or back-to-back. Or shift the modules into more fragments and use them as lighting elements with motion video to create decorative splendor.

That’s just one potential use of the dynamic, pixel-dense, sleek and seamless new options available in Planar’s roster of large format visualization technologies. With a range of smart and creative offerings, there are video walls and flat panel display options designed to meet specialized needs for rich imagery and detail. And you can relax knowing that there’s plenty of robust processing to support any new captivating content experience.

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New York, New York

Meet the Moment

The spontaneous reconfiguration of a space to meet new requirements is an increasingly prevalent feature of the contemporary workplace. Redefine a multi-use space time and again with flexible technology that creates a truly connected canvas for innovation and interaction. Expect to connect more and deliver lasting impact with a memorable experience that draws clients and team members into the workplace. Make the multi-use space a true hub for brand, culture and productivity.