Enhance Your Corporate Environment

To stay competitive, enterprises must find ways to engage customers, attract talent and bring more visibility to their brands. They also need tools that inspire collaboration and drive productivity. State-of-the-art display technologies are investments that forward-looking companies make in their people and facilities—transforming corporate environments and empowering employees.

Make a Big Statement

Large and dramatic video walls bring a ‘wow factor’ to corporate lobbies and auditoriums, making powerful impressions on clients and employees alike. Unique media installations and digital canvases breathe excitement into corporate spaces, creating interest and demonstrating a company’s commitment to embracing leading-edge technologies.

Boost Brand Engagement

As a medium to inspire authentic brand engagement, visually impactful video wall installations and touch screen displays and video walls foster immersive experiences and provide the opportunity to build deeper connections through interactive storytelling.

In reception areas, cutting-edge display technologies allow you to highlight your company’s talents, articulate your mission or showcase your brand in a compelling way. In high-tech showrooms and experience centers, interactive and dynamic digital solutions provide a platform for captivating presentations and immersive product demonstrations.

Corporate Installation Highlights


Optimize the Workplace

Visionary enterprises are embracing innovations that are transforming the way people work. This includes display solutions that offer tools for collaboration and communication—inspiring employees to work smarter and more efficiently.

In the workplace, interactive multi-touch video walls and displays provide a range of collaborative functions, allowing users to interact with content, edit and manipulate materials, and quickly share resources on the fly. With sharp and vivid clarity, ultra-high-resolution display technologies optimize presentations and allow companies to communicate more effectively to their workforce.


Planar Corporate Installations Overview

Display Applications in Corporate Environments

Lobbies and Reception Areas

Corporate lobbies and reception areas provide the first opportunity to connect with visitors and introduce your story or unique value proposition. Impressive video walls-some visible from outside the building-create intriguing spaces and allow you to communicate messages in striking and vivid detail. Interactive touch screen displays and video walls invite visitors to engage with your brand and explore your company through immersive videos and stories.


Auditoriums are prominent corporate settings to engage clients and employees and make an impact with audiences. Expansive LED and LCD video walls create stunning centerpieces in these venues and provide an asset for conducting immersive presentations, inspiring large groups and uniting your organization.

Recommended Solutions: LED Video Walls, LCD Video Walls

Board, Presentation and Meeting Rooms

Corporate boardrooms, presentation rooms and meeting rooms serve as key spaces for holding important dialogues, sharing ideas, discussing strategies and making crucial business decisions. In these environments, seamless video walls and high-resolution large format 4K LCD displays allow your teams to present data and information with the highest clarity, enhancing communication and supporting the decision-making process.

Collaboration and Huddle Rooms

Collaboration and huddle rooms are typically designed to host impromptu meetings and work sessions in a casual setting. To encourage productivity, flexible and user-friendly large format LCD display solutions make it easy for employees to share content, communicate ideas and work in tandem more efficiently.

Architecture and Design

The architectural style of an office reflects a company’s corporate identity. To enhance workplace designs, flexible video wall displays can be adapted into unique and artistic configurations and integrated seamlessly into office environments, creating more interesting spaces and allowing organizations to engage visitors with digital content in more thoughtful ways.

Recommended Solutions: LED Video Walls, Custom LED Solutions

Security Control Rooms

Security and facility protection are top priority concerns for companies. In corporate security control rooms, high-resolution video walls and 4K LCD displays engineered for 24x7 operation provide reliable monitoring and video surveillance of properties, allowing personnel to quickly identify issues and make more informed and faster decisions.

Recommended Solutions: LCD Video Walls, Large Format Displays

IBM Headquarters

Conference Room Update at IBM’s Headquarters Features Planar Ultra-Fine Pitch LED Video Wall

At its corporate headquarters in Armonk, NY, IBM’s real estate operations identified a project to modernize the technology in a large, first-floor conference room. With old audio-visual equipment, upgrades were necessary to inspire more use of the room and maximize its value. IBM engaged A-V Services, a nearly 12-foot-long, 7-foot-high Planar TWS Series LED video wall with a 0.9m…

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