Introducing a Lifetime Warranty on LED Video Walls


Exceptional warranties get people excited. Why? Because people are smart: they know that companies wouldn’t offer big warranties if the company knew the product wouldn’t hold up; it would cost them too much. So people know a car with a 100,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty is going to last.

Fine pitch LED video walls haven’t been around for that long, and unfortunately due to some other manufacturers’ missteps and cut corners, some LED walls don’t have the best reputation for durability. That’s not Planar. We created the Planar® EverCare™ Lifetime Limited Warranty to show that we stand behind our LED products.

You read that right; lifetime warranty. People might ask, “Lifetime!?” How can Planar offer that on LED? And why would we? These are good questions, because not every company would, or even could offer a true lifetime warranty. But we are, because we have the right products and the right North America-based infrastructure to pull it off.

We understand why people might be skeptical, but the Planar EverCare Lifetime Warranty is pretty simple. It’s complete coverage of the entire video wall from the day you purchase it to the day you stop using it. It covers every pixel and every component, including the controller, for life.

Yeah But, Why Though?

We’ve been delivering video walls and other display solutions since 1983, and have served many customers for decades, since video walls were made out of projectors. This history means we know what these customers need, and we want to serve those needs.

They need their video wall to look good, for a long time. It is simple enough to understand, but extremely difficult to deliver in the current LED video wall industry. In fact, to the best of our knowledge, no video technology, and no visualization company, has ever successfully delivered on that simple need. They might make a great looking product, or one that lasts for quite a while, but not both. There are three big challenges manufacturers face that, to date, they can’t hurdle.

  1. They need a product that is designed and built to last
  2. They need local manufacturing and repair facilities that have the right products and parts readily available without overly long timelines
  3. They need product experts, service and support who are geographically close enough to the customer to be onsite capably and quickly

Planar hurdles each of these challenges.

How Do We Do It?

We introduced Planar EverCare on our award-winning, best-selling Planar® TVF Series and Planar® TVF Complete™ video walls. There are hundreds of Planar TVF Series video walls deployed around the world. It’s a product that looks great and works well in all types of applications. We believe in it, and built it to last.

Additionally, Planar engineers design, validate and test Planar TVF Series LED video walls in Oregon. Planar has dozens of in-house service technicians, and hundreds of trained integration and service partners, throughout North America. Planar has the product, the local production facilities, and the people it takes to deliver a true lifetime warranty.

So when people ask Lifetime? How? Why? The answer is simple: because our customers need it, Planar can deliver it, and nobody else can.

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