Planar CarbonLight VX Series

LED Video Wall & Floor

CLV-VX CabinetPlanar® CarbonLight™ VX Series is comprised of carbon fiber-framed indoor LED video wall and floor displays with exceptional on-camera visual properties and deployment versatility for a wide variety of installations, including virtual production and extended reality.

Planar® CarbonLight™ CLI VX Series video walls feature narrow 1.9mm or 2.6mm pixel pitch and Planar® CarbonLight™ CLF Series features 2.6mm pixel pitch, one of the finest in the industry for an LED floor. 

  • Lightweight, patented carbon fiber construction
  • 1.9 & 2.6mm pixel pitch LED video wall
  • 2.6mm pixel pitch LED floor
  • Excellent on-camera performance
  • Compatible with video controllers from Brompton & Colorlight
  • High Dynamic Range content ready
  • Wide color gamut with available DCI-P3

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Planar CarbonLight CLI VX1.9

LED Video Wall

Planar® CarbonLight™ CLI VX1.9 is a carbon fiber-framed indoor, fine pitch LED video wall display with adaptable design suitable for hanging, wall mounting and free-standing installations. Its 1.9mm fine pixel pitch, high frame rate, genlock compatibility and wide color gamut make it ideal for on-camera virtual production and extended reality.

Planar CarbonLight CLI VX1.9 is specifically designed to maximize the capabilities of Colorlight video controllers.

CLI VX Cabinet 410X346
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Planar Studios

Combining LED solutions, technology partnerships and industry expertise, the Planar Studios initiative equips organizations with the tools necessary to create incredible on-screen content for Virtual Production and Extended Reality.

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Planar CarbonLight VX Series’ visual and mechanical properties are conducive to cinema and broadcasting as on-camera background scenes. The displays beautifully supplement green screens and integrate with XR stages.

Their wide color spectrum, narrow pixel pitches, fast frame and refresh rates deliver excellent in-person and in-frame visual performance. Average in-person viewers can feel comfortable viewing the video wall from as close as 10 ft. without seeing individual pixels, while those seeing it in media will feel enveloped in the scene as if they were on location.

Venue Versatility

Planar CarbonLight VX Series features thin, square (500x500mm) carbon fiber frames. Its light weight and Planar CarbonLight bracketry enable quick assembly and teardown for fast-paced applications. Individual cabinets can be removed and installed anywhere within the video wall or floor, without disrupting the overall layout, while front-side (top-side) installation and service make module extraction simple if maintenance is required. These attributes are particularly valuable for production studios that may need set change flexibility.

Planar CarbonLight CLI VX Series - Video Wall

  • Hang, stack from the ground, or wall mount
  • Beveled edges can create 90-degree corners
  • Alignment pins ensure the video wall is flat
  • Facet cabinets for concave or convex curved walls 

Planar CarbonLight CLF VX Series - LED Floor

  • Cabinets sit on ground rails
  • High-strength, layered wear-proof mask extends usability and appearance
  • Withstands loads up to 1,102lbs (500kg) per display

Camera & Color Compatibility

Cameras and other technology used in filmmaking, television production and broadcasting use various input timings. Planar CarbonLight VX Series has advanced Genlock capabilities to ensure it can synchronize with a variety of cameras. It is compatible with each of the typical frame rates between 24Hz and 144Hz, and frame multiplication, virtually eliminating common video recording challenges.

Similarly, the video wall displays facilitate precise color adjustment to fine tune colors, correct dark scenes and enhance imagery detail.

Planar CarbonLight VX Series displays offer wide color spectrum for on-camera video applications requiring wider color gamut, including Rec. 709 and DCI-P3. The displays are ready for High Dynamic Range content with support for both HDR10 and the less common HLG formats.

Processing Prowess

Planar CarbonLight VX Series has the essential features broadcast and film production companies require for today’s on-camera display needs. It is compatible with multiple video controller processing options from Brompton Technology® and Colorlight. Benefits and functions include:

  • Exceptionally Accurate Color
  • HDR Ready
  • Smooth Motion with Low Latency
  • Frame Remapping
  • Grayscale Trimming

TF1 News Studio

French Broadcast Channel Installs Flexible LED Display Technology in TV News Studio

Based in Paris, TF1 is a French free-to-air television channel that is part of the TF1 Group of mass media companies. In August 2018, the TV network upgraded its broadcast news studio with the addition of LED display technology from Planar. TF1 engaged audiovisual solution provider CACV to install a 70 square meter (750 square foot) video wall comprised of a Planar® CarbonLight™ CLI Seri…

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