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Planar Triple Monitor Stands

Maximize the benefits of three monitors with a seamless Planar display table-top stand set-up. Planar Triple Monitor Stands help organize display cables with a cable organizer and can tilt, swivel, rotate and height-adjust. Installation is quick and easy.

  • Planar Triple Monitor Stands

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  • Planar Triple Monitor Stands

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Planar's triple monitor stands maximize the benefits of three monitors by making it easier to toggle between applications with the seamless display set-up and rotate 90° to allow for landscape or portrait mode.

Planar Regular Triple Monitor Stand supports up to three displays between 17-24" with a maximum weight of 52.8 lbs (26.39 kg), while the Planar Large Triple Monitor Stand supports displays between 24-32" with a maximum weight of 66.3 lbs (30.07 kg).

Model Number Part Number
Triple Monitor Stand 997-6035-00
Large Triple Monitor Stand  997-9046-00