Jul 22, 2014

Tapping into Power of Planar: A story of partnership

At this year’s InfoComm International show in Vegas, we wanted to highlight the Planar® LookThru™ transparent LCD displays. This product allows consumers to view physical products behind an LCD surface glass and is ideal for retail merchandising, corporate displays, exhibits, award or trophy cases in education or corporate settings, tradeshows, and a wide range of other architectural applications. To show off it’s capability to the fullest extent, we partnered up with Power Creative out of Louisville, Kentucky, to develop an experience that combined transparent LCD with touch interactivity. Being true Kentuckians, they came back to us with an idea to use More…

planar lookthru

Jul 16, 2014

Ultra-Narrow Bezel LCD Video Wall with Redundant, Off-board Power

Since it’s initial launch in 2010, the Clarity Matrix has been designed for 24/7 reliability.  Clarity Matrix's unique off-board electronics design means that any system failure can be easily accessible, reducing downtime and keeping your vital video wall up and running. Off-board power means no outlets behind the wall, a cool fan-less design which is whisper quiet, and the popular option for redundant power supplies which keep the wall in continuous operation.  With a 25 percent reduction in heat produced, the new Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture exceeds performance expectations even in the most demanding environments and improves reliability over other More…

Clarity Matrix

Jul 08, 2014

Why Touch Interactivity? Oh, Let Me Count the Ways.

Planar has a growing number of products with touch sensors integrated in adding interactive capability to monitors ranging from 15” to 300” video walls, like the Clarity Matrix MultiTouch.  The brand new Planar UltraRes Touch, Planar EP-Series and others have models with touch integrated, now in 4K resolution for even better readability and image quality. If you have never used touch interactivity on a big screen, you might be wondering how to best put it into practice.  To spark some ideas, below is a list of ideas how our customers can use touch interactivity to grow their businesses and engage their customers.  Wayfinding in shopping centers, More…

clarity matrix touch , 4K , Planar UltraRes touch

Jun 30, 2014

When is 4K content coming?

The difference between full HD (1080p) and Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) is dramatic. When viewed from a distance or up close, you can see the difference. Like a tsunami, we expect Ultra HD content to swell dramatically in the later half of this year. 35 mm celluloid are being converted into 4k masters. 4k (or 6k or 8k) cameras are proliferating and video artists are experimenting to create amazing commercial content. Plus, the PC graphics cards are getting more affordable, meaning running a desktop across a 4k display, showing digital photography, or running applications in Ultra HD is here today. Add to this the announcements around true 4k at 60 Hz media More…

4K , Ultra HD

Jun 24, 2014

Is 4K Affordable?

Years ago, customers would expect to pay over $60,000 for a 56” 4K display.  Today, the world’s premier 4K displays in 84” diagonal, begin at $20,000. The Planar UltraRes is making the world of immersive, Ultra HD affordable and the new Planar EP-Series 4k offerings, in 58” and 65”, make this resolution even more accessible.  4K is here to stay!  Starting with cinema standards in the early 2000’s and moving down into residential and commercial applications over the past few years, 4k has enjoyed the fastest growth rate of any new display technology.  People may be asking if 4k is necessary, but once you see it, you don’t want to go back. Now is the time More…

4K , Planar UltraRes , Ultra HD

Jun 20, 2014

4K photography goes mobile

The trend towards higher resolution smartphone displays is well underway. HTC, LG, Samsung, and Sony are all looking to up the pixel count with their next generation handsets, and according to statements made a few months ago at a South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy analyst event, Samsung is planning to release an Ultra-HDTV smartphone sometime in 2015, that’s 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels tall, also known as 4K or Ultra HD resolution. Although the pixel density may not be viewable on a hand-held device, the ability of these cameras to take pictures at well beyond 4k will ensure a steady stream of high-resoultion content for displays like More…

4K , Ultra HD

Jun 18, 2014

Ultra- Narrow Bezel LCD Video Wall with Embedded Processing

The award-winning Clarity Matrix LCD video wall, now with G2 architecture, has integrated processing, called Big Picture Plus, allowing sources to be placed on the wall in a variety of configurations, from a single image across the whole tiled canvas, to portions of the wall or a single screen displaying a source. • Big Picture Plus is included as a standard feature with Clarity Matrix• Can be an alternative to a other video wall processors• Basic scaling capabilities to full display arrays• Expanded source routing capabilities• Quick configuration of scaling across the entire video wall or within a 2x2 The Clarity Matrix is also compatible with a wide More…

Clarity Matrix

Jun 16, 2014

Find the right commercial display for your application

Planar unveils the new Large Format Display Selector today. Selecting the right large flat panel display from Planar has never been easier. It’s easy to use and after only 4 simple questions, the Large Format Display Selector will output the ideal display solutions based on your requirements. Find your Planar display today!

large format displays , lcd displays

Jun 10, 2014

Come see Planar at InfoComm 2014

You can count on seeing the award-winning Clarity Matrix, Planar UltraRes, and Planar Mosaic and a host of products that illustrate Planar’s commitment to innovation. You will also experience a variety of new product offerings, never before seen illustrating the latest in 4k Ultra HD resolution displays, touch interactivity, and more. Mark your calendars for June 18-20, start your engines, and join us in Vegas at Booth # C6836 for an InfoComm you won’t forget. Get a free InfoComm pass from Planar!

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May 29, 2014

4K Advertising Face-Off #4

The AV industry has been reacting to the new Ultra HD or 4k resolution displays and many have brought up concerns about the “availability of content.” In this series, we will face off the resolution of a 4k Planar UltraRes with a variety of common advertising platforms to illustrate that experienced graphic designers, advertisers, and brands have no problem creating “beyond HD” content and in fact, have been doing it for decades. In this fourth and final battle round, we compare the Planar UltraRes 84” LCD display with a standard size outdoor billboard. For this analysis we used a CBS Outdoor example in Las Vegas, NV. The Planar UltraRes measures 84” More…

4K , Planar UltraRes