Improve the Clarity and Durability of Your LCDs

Planar's Extended Ruggedness and Optics technology is achieved by optical bonding, which is the process of laminating cover glass or touchscreens to the LCD cell. A bonding agent is inserted between the cover glass and LCD to completely fill the air gap. The assembly is cured in a process that affixes the panels together while solidifying the gel.

Why would someone need ERO?

Protection - LCDs have plastic surfaces that are not vandal or weatherproof. To protect your display investment most LCD installations require a cover glass or polycarbonate lens to protect the LCD.

Left: Display without Planar ERO protection. Right: Display featuring Planar ERO technology

Clarity & Viewability - Optical bonding eliminates the internal reflection between the LCD and the cover glass or touchscreen because the bonding process creates a single index of refraction. Reducing internally reflected light loss increases display contrast and viewability. Improved display contrast enables displays to be more readily seen in bright ambient conditions, without increasing backlight brightness and the associated unwanted higher power and higher operating temperatures. Shake & Shock Optical bonding is an effective means of improving resistance to shake and shock. This benefit is especially useful for military and transportation applications.

Left: Display without Planar ERO protection. Right: Display with Planar's ERO Technology shows greater legibility 

Dust & Moisture - Filling the gap between the protective glass and LCD keeps out dust and moisture. Condensation or dust can make a display unreadable.

Less Parallax Error -
Due to the closeness of the LCD to the glass surface with Planar ERO, the parallax error is significantly less than that of a display with just glass in front of it.

Modular Protective Touch Surface - Traditionally, other implementations of touch systems for LCD video walls have required a large piece of glass in front of the LCD to protect and provide a touchable surface. This glass can be make installation, transport and servicing of large video walls cumbersome. The modular design of the Clarity® Matrix® LCD video wall with Planar ERO provides a near seamless touch service, while ensuring ease of installation and serviceability.