Electroluminescent Display Support

Important Notice

Planar’s Electroluminescent (EL) business is now owned and operated by Beneq Oy.

About EL Displays

Electroluminescent display technology is unique and relevant for today’s embedded display solutions. The performance and visual characteristics of high-performance electroluminscent displays make it an ideal solution for the most challenging and demanding applications where other display technologies are simply inadequate.

For more information about electroluminescent display technology, visit www.lumineq.com.

Beneq Oy

Tel. +358 9 7599 530
Fax +358 9 7599 5310

P.O. Box 262
FI-01511 Vantaa

Street address:
Ensimmäinen savu 2,
FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland

Phone Support

(Available 24/7)

North America

Phone: +1-866-PLANAR1 (1-866-752-6271) or (503) 748-5799

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Phone: +33 5 63 78 38 10

Asia, Australia & New Zealand

Phone: +852 2326 0228

Latin America & Brazil

Phone: +55-41-3059-5100
Email: support.brazil@leyardgroup.com
WhatsApp: +55-41-99224-5239


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