Mosaic Project Designer Software

Planar Mosaic Video Wall Designer Software

Planar® Mosaic® Architectural Video Walls allow you to mix-and-match different LCD tile sizes and shapes into a creative and artistic configuration. Unleash your creative expression and design your own original video tile layout with Planar Mosaic Project Designer™. The application comes in two free versions: a mobile-friendly online edition and an installable Windows edition.

Start Your Design Online Now

Use the Online Edition to:

  • Create a unique layout of Planar Mosaic video tiles
  • Select content and preview it through your tile layout
  • Add a photo or rendering of your wall as a background
  • Save your design online or save it as a PNG image
  • Share your design via social media platforms
  • Submit your design to Planar to receive a quotation

What You Need:

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Android (v3 or newer) and iOS (v4 or newer) browsers are all supported. Internet Explorer version 6-9 is supported with the Chrome Frame plug-in. Internet Explorer 10 or newer is now supported as well.  Use a PC or Mac, iPad, Android or other common tablet. An internet connection is required. This is an HTML5 application so no software installation is required.

Quick Tips:

Hover your cursor or touch any button for text tips:

  • Click the Wall button to customize the wall background
  • Drag-and-drop Planar Mosaic tiles onto the wall area
  • Grab an orange corner handle to rotate a tile
  • Click the Media button to choose or upload content
  • Click Save, Share or Quote when your design is complete

Download the Windows Software Now

Use the Windows Edition to: 

  • Add a photo or rendering of your wall as a background
  • Create a layout of Planar Mosaic video tiles on your background
  • Preview your own content through your Planar Mosaic tile layout
  • Export a mask of your design for content development
  • Program the Planar Mosaic video tiles at the time of installation


 Please note: Planar Mosaic AD46 and AD55 models are no longer available.

  • Design your own original Planar Mosaic AD22 video tiles
  • Select imagery and preview
  • Save and share your design
  • Submit your design to Planar for a quotation

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