Clarity Matrix G2 App

Flexible control of a Clarity Matrix G2 LCD Video Wall with your phone or tablet

The Clarity® Matrix® G2 App for iOS and Android provides flexibility to control a Clarity® Matrix® G2 LCD Video Wall System using an iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device. The Clarity Matrix G2 App can be used to perform basic day-to-day operations like turning the video wall on/off and recalling video wall presets.



The Clarity Matrix G2 App is compatible with the Clarity Matrix Video Wall System with G2 Architecture. To interact with a video wall using this app, you must purchase the Planar® WallNet™ option with a Clarity Matrix G2 LCD Video Wall.




  • Power on and off the video wall
  • Switch between Planar® Big Picture Plus™ configurations
  • Recall saved preset configurations
  • Create custom names for inputs
  • Hide unused inputs
  • Quickly access multiple video walls on the network
  • Access display information for support (model, serial number, and firmware version)
  • Convenient links to more information about Clarity Matrix or to contact Planar support