24-27 Inch Touch Screen Monitors

Planar Helium PXL2430MW

24-27 Inch LCD Touch Screen Monitors

Planar offers a wide range of multi-touch, widescreen, and high-definition monitors.

Planar's professional flat panel LCD desktop monitors deliver the sharpest images, fastest graphics, and beautiful colors - all with slim profiles that are nothing less than bevel-edge beautiful. Larger monitors allow for viewing and editing sophisticated CAD or graphics or even viewing two documents on the same screen with clarity and ease.

Durable and dependable, Planar touch screen monitors have what it takes to perform in demanding desktop, point-of-sale, point-of-purchase, and public environments. Planar brings decades of rugged and extreme application display experience to touch screen monitors, making them the most dependable and well-performing on the market. The Planar® Helium™ Series, a feature-rich monitor integrated with an easily adjustable stand, is designed to provide the ultimate touch experience on the desktop.

  • Thin, professional designs
  • Brightness, resolution and contrast ratio for wide range of applications
  • Capacitive, Resistive, SAW and multi-touch options available
  • Variety of input options such as a finger, gloved hand, credit card or pen can activate the touch screen


Industry-Leading Warranty

Planar Customer First | 3-Year, 2-Day Replacement Warranty

24-27 Inch Touch Screen Monitor Models

Planar Helium PCT2785

Planar Helium PCT2785

27" Touch Screen Desktop Monitor

Planar Helium PCT2785 is an edge-to-edge glass monitor featuring multi-touch capability, built in webcam and more.
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Planar Helium PCT2485

Planar Helium PCT2485

24" Touch Screen Desktop Monitor

Planar Helium PCT2485 is an edge-to-edge glass monitors featuring multi-touch capability, built-in webcam and more.…
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Planar Helium PCT2435

Planar Helium PCT2435

24" Touch Screen Desktop Monitor

Planar Helium PCT2435 is an edge-to-edge glass monitor featuring multi-touch capability, wide viewing angles and a…
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Planar PXL2430MW

Planar PXL2430MW

24" Touch Screen Desktop Monitor

24" dual-touch LCD designed to take advantage of the features of Microsoft Windows 10
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Planar Desktop and Touch Screen Accessories

Planar Desktop and Touch Screen Accessories

Table stands, wall mounts, MSR kits, and thin client brackets for Planar Desktop and Touch screen monitors
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