Leyard Launches Online Calculator to Configure Custom LED Video Walls

The LED Video Wall Calculator is a free, online tool that simplifies the LED video wall selection process by helping customers visualize and plan for their LED video wall installations even before they make their purchase.

The unique LED Video Wall Calculator allows customers considering a seamless LED Video Wall to realistically preview implementations of the solution in a variety of indoor environments including public venues, corporate lobbies, conference rooms, retail settings, and control rooms. By allowing customers to visualize their designs complete with custom content and technical specification data in advance of their purchase, the LED Video Wall Calculator ensures the success of every project by taking the guess work out of video wall planning.

Streamlining LED Video Wall Installations

Built for Leyard® TWA Series and Planar® DirectLight® LED Video Walls, the intuitive LED Video Wall Calculator offers an attractive user interface with advanced room customization features. The online tool is easy to navigate, allowing customers to design video walls with greater ease, speed and accuracy. Using the LED Video Wall Calculator, customers can compare different display models and configurations side-by-side in the same environment, allowing them to determine what designs might look best in their unique environment. They can upload and preview their own video wall content as well as obtain detailed project renderings and specifications requirements that can be shared with colleagues and prospective customers. They can also submit automatic requests for price quotations to Planar, speeding up the purchasing process.

A Robust Tool with Advanced Capabilities

The LED Video Wall Calculator is a complete and advanced tool that enables customers to preview finished video wall installations while obtaining a comprehensive set of information that facilitates their purchasing decisions. Within minutes, users can:  

Configure a room - Using the LED Video Wall Calculator, users can define the size of their room, choose one of several room environments and select their wall color.

Create a graphical rendering of their video wall - Customers can choose a specific model and enter their desired display configuration, choosing from a variety of popular configurations like Full HD and 4K resolutions, or defining any other configuration. They can then save the rendering for inclusion in a project proposal.

Configure custom content - Customers can upload their own image or video or select from a pre-set list of content options to preview what the video wall will look like.

Compare models and configurations - Users can see a side-by-side comparison of specification data, allowing them to compare up to three different models or compare video wall configurations.

Determine the architectural impact of their video wall - The LED Video Wall Calculator calculates the physical dimensions, weight and power consumption for the entire video wall system.

Export their results - Users can generate a PDF summary of their LED video wall configurations complete with images and specification data.

Customers can access the LED Video Wall Calculator from a range of devices including PCs, smartphones and tablets—without any software installation. Try the LED Video Wall Calculator now.