Clarity Matrix Calculator Delivers Powerful New Capabilities

The Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall Calculator has been upgraded with exciting new capabilities to further simplify the design and installation of Clarity Matrix LCD video walls for everyone from design consultants to installation technicians.

Have you ever received the following questions from customers?

  • How many power cables do I need for my Clarity Matrix video wall?
  • How many loop cable do I need for my Clarity Matrix video wall?
  • How many displays does a single power cable drive?
  • How many CAT cables do I need?
  • What is the recommended cable routing for my Clarity Matrix array?

The answers to all these questions are now available in the latest version of the Clarity Matrix Calculator. The Calculator now automatically calculates and suggests the best cable routing for both Power Supply Cables and Quad Controller Cables. When a user configures their Clarity Matrix video wall, the Calculator, in real-time, calculates and visually delivers a suggested cable routing diagram. The cable routing diagram is included in the Calculator’s exportable design files and drawings. These diagrams provide a recommended cable routing guide but as applications and installations vary, alternative cable routing designs are possible.

Power Cable Routing View – Represents the suggested primary Power Cable starting point and Loop Cable routing connections.


Video Cable Routing View – Represents the suggested Display Controller display groups and suggested Display Cable routing connection orders


Test out the new features now on the Clarity Matrix Calculator.