Planar Video Wall Helps Students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas Get into Shape

A Planar video wall composed of 12 Clarity Matrix LCD displays serves up sports, news and other programming to students at UNLV’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Planar Systems announced that the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) has installed a Clarity® Matrix™ LCD Video Wall System for a large video wall installation that assists to motivate students at the university’s fitness center to get into shape as they watch programs on a giant video wall.

The installation is composed of 12 Clarity Matrix LCD video wall displays that form a six-wide by two-high (6x2) video wall above the first-floor cardio area of the UNLV Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Multiple displays serve up an almost endless stream of sports, news and other television programming, engaging students and keeping them motivated as they work out using elliptical machines, treadmills and other sports equipment.

“To even those most dedicated to getting fit, a treadmill session can get boring quickly,” said Erin Farrar, UNLV’s Director of Campus Recreation Services. “So having the ability to watch a game or even a cooking show, especially on a big screen, makes the time fly by and keeps hundreds of students motivated to work out when they otherwise might not be. We love these displays as much the students do, because they make a statement about our commitment to advanced technology and bringing content and information to viewers on the very latest digital media platforms.”

Smartly Designed and Easy to Maintain

UNLV chose a Clarity Matrix LCD video wall from Planar for several reasons including its smart design, ease of maintenance and outstanding visual performance:

  • Ultra-narrow bezel width: A major reason UNLV selected Clarity Matrix was its ultra-narrow tiled bezel width of 3.7 millimeters, which makes the gaps between the displays almost invisible and the entire video wall virtually seamless which is important when the focus should be on the game or programming and not on the video wall itself.
  • Distributed design: Clarity Matrix has a distributed design, which allows components such as power supplies and controllers to be located in a remote rack room, which appeals to UNLV. By not having to install power outlets behind each LCD display, the university saved in labor and materials costs while achieving a faster installation than was possible with competitive products.
  • Quick and precise installation: To install Clarity Matrix video wall, UNLV used the unique Planar® EasyAxis™ Mounting System, which facilitated the quick and precise alignment of the 12 LCD displays that make up the video wall. The mounting system makes it easy to position each LCD display in a uniform way with virtually no need for time-consuming re-positioning or fine-tuning while delivering a video wall for maximum visual impact.
  • Flexibility and ease of maintenance: Scalability and serviceability were also factors in UNLV’s decision.If the university wants to increase the size of its video wall, it can do so by inserting new rows or columns without the need for additional electrical infrastructure. When maintenance is needed, UNLV can easily access individual displays, from the front without dismantling the wall, making it simple to service a cable or component.
  • Exceptional visual performance: Finally, UNLV appreciated Clarity Matrix for its outstanding visual performance. Clarity Matrix delivers 800-nit brightness, a 3,500:1 contrast ratio, 1920 x 1080 resolution, and a 178-degree viewing angle exceeding UNLV’s expectations for brightness, clarity and ease of viewing. In addition, the video wall can be set up so that each display shows a different television feed, or several displays show the same feed, providing a stunning picture with vibrant color, crispness and uniformity. Clarity Matrix also features LED backlight technology delivering deep blacks and outstanding contrast.

Built for a Wide Range of Uses

The UNLV video wall joins hundreds of Clarity Matrix LCD video wall installations across a broad range of industries. “The UNLV installation demonstrates why so many organizations are implementing Clarity Matrix video walls in innovative ways,” said Jennifer Davis, vice president of marketing and product strategy for Planar Systems. “With its outstanding image quality, simplified installation and maintenance, and 24x7 mission-critical reliability, Clarity Matrix is the go-to solution for today’s LCD video walls, whether they are used for advertising, data visualization, or helping college students attain their fitness goals.”

Available in 46-inch and 55-inch sizes, the Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System has won numerous awards since its introduction in 2009. Clarity Matrix video wall models are also available in a variety of brightness options, bezel widths and with multi-touch interactivity and 3D technology. For more information about Clarity Matrix LCD video walls, please visit