Next Generation Clarity LED3 and Indisys Extensity

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Clarity LED3 Series Rear Projection Video Walls feature brighter images, lower power, longer life

Planar is pleased to announce its next generation rear projection video wall displays. Designed for energy efficiency, the Clarity® LED3 Series delivers increased brightness at lower power levels--two times the brightness for every watt of power than the previous generation. Plus, illumination life up to 100,000 hours at lower power levels. Planar’s SiFi3™ technology ensures the video wall is color and brightness balanced while operating at its most power efficient level over the lifetime of the video wall--all while delivering crisp, clear, colorful and bright images. The Clarity LED3 Series is engineered for an exceptionally long life and provides worry-free operation.

Indisys Image Processing now featuring Planar Extensity Technology

The Clarity LED3 Series can be tightly integrated with Planar’s new generation of Indisys image processing, Indisys™ Extensity™. Indisys Extensity hardware is designed with today’s digital, high-resolution sources in mind. With twice the throughput it displays two times the information and faster frame rates to the video wall. The most demanding control room environments are supported with less hardware and greater performance. With its purpose-built design and powerful internal processor, Indisys Extensity is designed for 24/7 operation and future upgrades via software enhancements, keeping video wall downtime to a minimum.