Planar PXL2790MW WQHD Monitor Receives Top Marks from Tom’s Hardware

Planar’s quad HD monitor, the Planar® PXL2790MW, has received top marks in a review by Tom’s Hardware.  Editor, Christian Eberle describes the Planar PXL2790MW as “the sharpest display we’ve ever seen, and one of the most accurate.  With high-end styling and a 2560x1440 native resolution, it introduces a sense of luxury to the business class.”  Eberle goes on to say “if you get a chance to see the PXL2790MW in person, you will almost surely want to own one.  Its clarity and sharpness are simply unparalleled…The display delivers a truly compelling image.  We’ve tested a few other screens that are nearly as accurate in color, grayscale and gamma. But none offer the crisp picture that we enjoyed from Planar’s PXL2790MW.” 

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