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Virtual Broadcasting & Production

With remote collaboration an increasingly essential aspect of everyday workflow, and preparation for extenuating circumstances a necessity, it has become vital for enterprises to invest in new ways to deliver top-level communications from their own facilities. High quality content creation is a must for organizations seeking to deliver consistent, effective messaging.

Setting the Stage

Demand for media-rich corporate communications has prompted the transformation of many meeting rooms and collaborative spaces into broadcast studios. Built to optimize existing spaces, these production suites are designed to provide flexibility and adaptability within multi-use scenarios. Add all of those elements together and you have a perfect application for virtual production.

The arrival of viable full-scale LED video wall sets for virtual production has redefined high-quality, flexible content creation. Surrounding presenters with high resolution imagery, and providing the added option of overhead lighting and effects provided by ceiling-hung modules, the experience looks stunning both on stage and on-screen.

When making the transition to virtual production, it really is all about image. The finest pitch LED video wall displays are required to create truly evocative imagery. The technology exists now, and looking ahead to the future, Planar has a visualization product roadmap that will deliver captivating visualization solutions for rapidly evolving content needs.

Planar CarbonLight VX Cabinet

Planar CarbonLight VX Series

Planar Studios is empowering the world's leading visual storytellers to bring their creative visions to life with key technology partnerships, dedicated expert teams, and advanced on-camera display solutions like the Planar® CarbonLight™ VX Series LED video walls and floor.

The Show Must Go On

A virtual production set-up substantially extends possibilities for enhanced communications. Adding this capability to your enterprise setting means inviting the latest technology on premise, and that level of complexity and investment makes reliability a huge factor in choosing a vendor partner.

As the U.S.-based manufacturer of large format visualization solutions, and flat-panel displays, Planar is a proven mission-critical partner for major entertainment clients. Its engineering and design support teams, together with a network of professional integrators, can help to configure an immersive production environment for your specific needs. Then, as the content starts to flow, depend on that support to continue as technology evolves. Keeping pace with audience expectations is a lot easier with full-scale production experts on your side.